Gotham Zoo

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings, Tyger, Tyger, Moon of the Wolf, Terror in the Sky, Almost Got 'Im, Never Fear, and Chase Me
Appearances (BB): The Call Part Two
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Gotham Zoo is one of the few recreational areas of people in the crime-stricken city. Like most places, Bruce Wayne donates on a routine basis to the Zoo. It features a wildcat house and aviary. The wildcat house is home to a black leopard, lions, and a mountain lion. The aviary contains hummingbirds and a cassowary. Also in the Zoo are Alaskan Timberwolves, the off and on home of the laughing hyenas Bud and Lou, and crocodiles. Besides Bud and Lou, another animal donated to the Zoo after a super villain was arrested was Scrap, a South American Vulture.

Dr. Kirk Langstrom, Dr. Francine Langstrom, and Dr. March are all employed by the Zoo. However, Langstrom and March both used zoo resources to concoct Man Bat serums on two separate occassions. While investigating the Man Bat, Bruce Wayne sought out Langstrom for help identifying a bat that took up residence in his chimney. It was, in reality, a recording dropped by a security guard at Phoenix Pharmaceuticals the night Man Bat attacked. Dr. Milo later bribed security guard John Hamner to give him access to the Alaskan Timberwolf pen. He extracted estrogen and used it for an untraceable steorid he developed for the athlete Anthony Romulus.

Batman often chases several animal-themed villains into the Zoo. He once fought the Penguin in the aviary and confronted Catwoman after she stole from Wayne Enterprises. Some things never change with time. In the 21st century, the Gotham Zoo was renamed the Gotham Bio-Park. In pursuit of Inque, Batman chased her to the Bio-Park where she hid among seals. The battle took an unexpected turn when Inque threatened to kill an innocent bystander who turned out to be Superman. Superman easily defeated Inque and left Batman to pick up the pieces.