Gotham State University

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Fear of Victory, The Demon's Quest Part One, House and Garden, Batgirl Returns, and Subzero
Appearances (BB): Speak No Evil
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gotham State University is a university located in Gotham City. Founded in the 20th century at the latest, GSU is mostly known for its prestigious Psychology Department. In the 1950's, Thomas Wayne, Matthew Thorne, Leslie Thompkins, and a man with the last name of Long graduated from GSU's Medical School. Decades later, it became a point of convergence for several people; heroes, villains, and vigilantes. Jonathan Crane was a former professor of psychology, specializing in fear. Dr. Steven Carlyle is a professor in criminal psychology. Pamela Isley attained a Ph.D. in Botany from the University. Harleen Quinzel won a gymnastic scholarship but decided to get a Ph.D. from the Psychology Department, instead. Kathy Duquesne and Sonia Alcana took an art class together in their freshman year. Dick Grayson attended and graduated with honors in the late 1990's. Barbara Gordon also attended GSU for her Bachelor's Degree after transfering from out of state.

Grayson lived in the H. Wilson Dormitory Room 307 with Brian Rogers, a star student athlete. His association with Rogers once lead him to exposure to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin via telegram. In another instance, Ra's al Ghul and his men kidnapped Grayson from his dorm room as he returned from a rainy night patrol as Robin. Barbara Gordon also lived on school grounds but at a dormitory address of 47 College Way, Gotham City New York, 10025 with roommate, Jenny. When the Scarecrow first appeared and began to commit a string of robberies at GSU, an emergency "Save the University" fundraiser was held and spearheaded by Dr. Long, one of the heads of the Psychology Department. Years later, Roland Daggett stole a 19th Century Han Dynasty jade cat statue from the GSU Museum and left Catwoman to take the blame. Upon investigation, Catwoman discovered a corrosive compound only to run into Batgirl and Robin.

In the 2050's, Dr. Fulton and Zacharias received a grant for zoology research. However, when their intelligence tests were going nowhere, they spliced their test gorilla with human DNA. The gorilla, Fingers, went into a rage and escaped the campus. A short time later, GSU sponsored a Science Symposium to exchange ideas on new technology. Dr. Selig was slated to speak, which attracted the attention of Zeta and Ro Rowan. Unfortunately, the duo never got to meet Selig because Mad Stan attacked it and fought Batman as attendants evacuated.