Gotham Natural History Museum

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Curse of the Kobra Part One
Appearances (JLU): This Little Piggy
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Gotham Natural History Museum is located in Gotham City next door to the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge. J'onn J'onzz came across intelligence that Intergang was planning to steal the Rosetta Stone from the Gotham Natural History Museum. He dispatched Batman and Wonder Woman to intercept them. They performed on a stake out on the roof of a building across the street. A lone thief tried to get in the side entrance in the alley between the museum and lounge but triggered an alarm. Batman and Wonder Woman were surprised it wasn't Intergang. Batman demanded the crowbar. The thief complied and threw it at him. It turned into a snake and slithered away. She revealed herself to be Circe. Batman threw Batarangs at her but she turned them into white doves. She explained she was newly paroled from Tartarus. They charged Circe but she unleashed a shockwave that knocked them back. A giant hand was generated from the wall of the lounge and grabbed Wonder Woman. Circe admitted a condition of her parole was to spare her enemy Hippolyta but that didn't extend to her daughter, Wonder Woman. Circe turned her into a pig and left the scene.

50 or so years later, a paleontologist named Dr. Padu Banjahri made a startling breakthrough in recovering dinosaur DNA. It made him the target of a Kobra cell. Luckily, he ran into Terry McGinnis while being chased by Kobra. Banjahri was identified. Terry McGinnis and Max Gibson went to the Gotham Natural History Museum to find out why his research was worth stealing. Gibson was impressed with the interactive holographic display for the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the dinosaur exhibit. The hologram ended after it was shown the female Rex protected her nest. She followed after McGinnis to the closed display. A fellow paleontologist questioned why they were in a restricted area. To buy time, Gibson feigned interest in his work and asked if the skeleton being worked on was a Pachycephalosaurus. He confirmed it was. She complimented the femur he was holding and batted her eyes. He fell for it and told about how he was looking for an Iguanodon in Wyoming but he noticed a striated ridge to the west and discovered the Pachycephalosaurus. McGinnis slipped off to Banjahri's office. He applied his comm, hailed Bruce Wayne, then looked around on Banjahri's computer. He told Wayne that Banjahri was recovering dinosaur DNA. Wayne didn't see the connection with the thermal bomb Kobra recently stole.