Gotham Natural History Museum

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Curse of the Kobra Part One
Appearances (JLU): This Little Piggy
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1 and Mentors Part 2
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Gotham Natural History Museum is located in Gotham City next door to the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge. The museum was chosen by Deathstroke and Sunny to stage an attack by Firefly as part of their contract to kill Batman. Robin followed Deathstroke to the Gotham Natural History Museum's Entomology Pavilion one night. Deathstroke rappelled down from the skylight but Robin was already waiting for him atop a giant mantis statue and surprised him with a wise crack. Deathstroke congratulated him on getting the drop on him but recommended leading with a weapon next time he came upon an enemy. Robin inquired if they were now enemies. Deathstroke reaffirmed they were allies and under his protection for the night since he decided to insert himself into his affairs. Deathstroke asked him if he knew about Firefly. Robin recalled what Batman told him. Deathstroke informed him about a failed job Firefly took in Zurich. A vault exploded. Firefly escaped but was left scarred on his face. He became deadlier and crazier than ever, rebuilding his suit to be stronger than before.

Robin admitted to Deathstroke he didn't inform Batman where he was. Deathstroke stated he wasn't waiting around. Robin claimed he wasn't and could do back up. Deathstroke quipped he wouldn't have it any other way then told him about Firefly's M.O. of collecting insects and clued him in on a low, rising humming. Firefly unleashed a swarm of Asian Giant Hornets on them. Robin and Deathstroke retreated to a giant ant figure hanging from the ceiling. Robin formulated his own plan and told Deathstroke to follow his lead. Robin jumped down, removed his cape, swept several up in it, and immobilized them with a fire extinguisher. Deathstroke thought it wasn't bad but suggested a permanent solution to the giant hornets. Firefly opened fire on them. Firefly speculated Interpol was so afraid of him they hired Deathstroke to snuff him out. Robin threw a Batarang but it bounced off his helmet. Firefly wasn't keen on "take your kids to work" day but Deathstroke leaped and knocked the fire gun away with his sword. Robin thought he was finished without it.

Deathstroke warned there was more to it. Firefly asked him to let the kid learn for himself. Firefly's mask revealed a mouth and he unleashed a wave of flames. Firefly unleashed attack after attack. Deathstroke and Robin dodged and jumped away. While Firefly focused on Robin, Deathstroke leaped from the top of a dinosaur and connected with a diving kick. He warned Firefly it was a reminder he was still around. Firefly landed on the back of a Triceratops then quipped he was clearing the field first. Robin was surrounded by flames and started having issues breathing. Deathstroke carried him in his arms and leaped to safety. Robin wondered why the sprinklers never activated. Deathstroke deduced Firefly disabled them and decided to confront him alone. Firefly realized Deathstroke was wearing a kevlar suit and raised the intensity of the flames. Deathstroke claimed to have a Hephaestus sword to withstand the attacks. The sprinklers suddenly turned on. Batman swung in and kicked Firefly from behind.

Deathstroke observed and realized the steam created from the water would inhibit Firefly's vision and combined with Batman using infrared filters on his cowl, he had the upper hand. Batman decked Firefly enough to break the right eye glass. Firefly vowed Batman would burn next time then blew open an exit. Robin, Batman, and Deathstroke ran out into the street but Firefly was gone. Robin wanted to continue but Batman ordered him to go home immediately. Deathstroke mused he should have stopped Robin from joining him. He removed his mask then told Batman Robin and Batgirl were trained well. Batman noted Deathstroke took a lot of interest in his proteges and didn't like it. Deathstroke retorted they were more approachable. Batman asked him why he was in Gotham. Deathstroke stuck to his story that he was after Firefly but danced around who his client was, listing off agencies like the FBI, NSA, and MI:6. He even added Firefly's life was saved by Kobra because they wanted him to create a 9/11 level event in Gotham. Batman stated he did not condone assassinations and wanted him to let him know once Firefly was located. Deathstroke agreed to keep him informed but realized Batman was already gone. Jason Todd observed from a nearby roof.

J'onn J'onzz came across intelligence that Intergang was planning to steal the Rosetta Stone from the Gotham Natural History Museum. He dispatched Batman and Wonder Woman to intercept them. They performed on a stake out on the roof of a building across the street. A lone thief tried to get in the side entrance in the alley between the museum and lounge but triggered an alarm. Batman and Wonder Woman were surprised it wasn't Intergang. Batman demanded the crowbar. The thief complied and threw it at him. It turned into a snake and slithered away. She revealed herself to be Circe. Batman threw Batarangs at her but she turned them into white doves. She explained she was newly paroled from Tartarus. They charged Circe but she unleashed a shockwave that knocked them back. A giant hand was generated from the wall of the lounge and grabbed Wonder Woman. Circe admitted a condition of her parole was to spare her enemy Hippolyta but that didn't extend to her daughter, Wonder Woman. Circe turned her into a pig and left the scene.

50 or so years later, a paleontologist named Dr. Padu Banjahri made a startling breakthrough in recovering dinosaur DNA. It made him the target of a Kobra cell. Luckily, he ran into Terry McGinnis while being chased by Kobra. Banjahri was identified. Terry McGinnis and Max Gibson went to the Gotham Natural History Museum to find out why his research was worth stealing. Gibson was impressed with the interactive holographic display for the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the dinosaur exhibit. The hologram ended after it was shown the female Rex protected her nest. She followed after McGinnis to the closed display. A fellow paleontologist questioned why they were in a restricted area. To buy time, Gibson feigned interest in his work and asked if the skeleton being worked on was a Pachycephalosaurus. He confirmed it was. She complimented the femur he was holding and batted her eyes. He fell for it and told about how he was looking for an Iguanodon in Wyoming but he noticed a striated ridge to the west and discovered the Pachycephalosaurus. McGinnis slipped off to Banjahri's office. He applied his comm, hailed Bruce Wayne, then looked around on Banjahri's computer. He told Wayne that Banjahri was recovering dinosaur DNA. Wayne didn't see the connection with the thermal bomb Kobra recently stole.