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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Every Episode (Except Day Of The Samurai, The Demon's Quest Part Two, Sideshow, and The Lion And The Unicorn)
Appearances (BTAS Comics): Demons
Appearances (STAS): World's Finest Part One and Knight Time
Appearances (GG): Every Episode Except Miss-Uncongeniality
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Lost Soul, Terry's Friend Dates A Robot, and Return Of The Joker
Appearances (JL/U): Fury Part One, Part Two, A Knight Of Shadows Part One, A Better World Part Two, The Terror Beyond Part One, Secret Society Part Two, This Little Piggy, Epilogue, Shadow Of The Hawk, and Grudge Match
Appearances (SS): Hard as Nails and Future Shock
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The oldest section of Gotham City is in the north and called Old Town by Gothamites in reference to its 18th century name of Gotham Town. Jason Blood hid the Summoning Tablet in the foundation of Gotham Town. In approximately 1698-1700, the area was formerly incorporated as Gotham City. The foundation where the Summoning Tablet was hidden later became part of 112 River Street and right below a law firm. In the north are Gotham Airport, Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, and Park Row (Crime Alley). Beyond this town is the Cranston Estates, a retirement settlement. Earl Cooper, mechanic of Batman, was housed somewhere 3 miles outside of Gotham City.

In the 20th century, Gotham's architecture became exaggerated with Art Deco and Nouveau styles. It quickly became a dark and foreboding place, nicknamed the "Dark-Deco State" and notorious for corruption and all forms of urban decay. This came about as it rapidly developed into a crucial economic bloodline for the United States. Finance, Manufacturing and Shipping are three major businesses present. The city is located between Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan. At least part of its power comes from the Mid-River Island Nuclear Power Plant.

In the 1920's, Cyrus Gold was an infamous gangster wanted by the law. One one fateful night, he was betrayed by his cohorts. Gold's body was cursed and tossed into Slaughter Swamp, outside of Gotham, notorious for its own magical properties. In the 1950's, Maria Vargas was just a child and played with a pack of matches. She dropped a lit match and started what became known as the Great Gotham Dock Fires. Vargas was never implicated in the incident and kept it a secret until the 1990's when Dr. Hugo Strange discovered it and blackmailed her.

Its most famous corporation is Wayne Enterprises, which specializes in industry and technological research and development. Others include LaffCo., Axis Engineering, Crane Chemicals, S.T.A.R. Labs, Macurity Manufacturing, Ace Chemical Co., Inc., Cybertron Industries, Global Motors, Thorne Enterprises, Wacko Toy Corporation, GothSpace, Gotham Biotech, and Goth Corp. The Gotham Dock is home to Gotham Imports, Hathcock Shipping, Gotham Navy Yard and the Oceanside Aquarium. Further south is Bayside, where the Bayshore Pier & Wharf and Stacked Deck are found.

An underground subway system, that encompasses 72nd Street, and fixed rail system takes Gothamites all over the city, possibly leading to the Traintown. Another historical attraction is the De Larves Wax Museum. The Gotham Coliseum is the main sports arena, built in the 1990's, and home to the Gotham Knights football team. Other areas in the middle of the city are City Hall, Gotham City Police Headquarters, Gotham General Hospital, the Apex Theatre, Iceberg Lounge, Half Moon Club, Rock City Nightclub, Faces, The Oasis, Gotham Herald, and Gotham Palisades. The outskirts of Gotham have also seen development into suburbs. However, some were unfinished and left abandoned such as the infamous Toxic Acres. The southern most point is marked by Stonegate Penitentiary, a prison located on a small island near Gotham Bay. 5 miles offshore is an abandoned oil derrick that was later used as a hideout by Mr. Freeze.

Gotham is famous for being home to a population of 10 million, the richest man alive, Bruce Wayne, and the city's resident protector, Batman who both technically live outside of the city. Although Batman's dedication is tolerated by the police department, his level of support is precarious. During a string of mob murders, the Gotham City Police confronted Batman at a construction site on 4th and Madison, north of Denny Drive where Sal Valestra lived until he was killed by the Joker. Numerous super villains have tried to destroy the city over the decades, including the Joker (with a nuclear warhead), Mr. Freeze (during the Tricentinnial Celebration), and Baby Doll (via the Nuclear Power Plant). In 2009, Ra's al Ghul could lay claim to that feat in the Near Apocalypse. Gotham was one of the cities devastated. After Batman and Talia defeated him, the reconstruction effort take off. Old Town was spared any damage and Neo Gotham was built over the remains of Gotham City.