Fortress of Solitude

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Stolen Memories, The Main Man Part Two, Blasts From The Past Part One, Part Two, Bizarro's World, Little Big Head Man, and Legacy Part One
Appearances (BB): The Call Part Two
Appearances (JLU): For The Man Who Has Everything
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the 20th century, Superman created a secret headquarters in the Arctic amid an isolated mountain range after he first encountered Brainiac. The only way to enter is from underwater into a shallow pool inside the Fortress. The first objects to be moved in were the device left by Jor-El and a memory sphere of Krypton saved by Superman. When used together, Superman could access an uncorrupted version of Brainiac and view any data file. Very few of his allies and friends know the Fortress' location, including Supergirl, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The first room from the inner pool is a monitoring station furnished by S.T.A.R. Labs. It has several feeds to new stations and a special line to Smallville. Superman also constructed robots in his likeness to maintain the Fortress in his absence. The main lobby houses a giant memorial statue of Superman's parents, Jor-El and Lara, holding the planet Krypton. One level above is a zoo of alien species that he saved from the Preserver. They are all endangered species and thus, Superman feels a kinship to.

Much like the Batcave, several rooms are dedicated to souvenirs that Superman collected over his career. Below the zoo is the Hall of Weapons contains objects he confiscated on alien planets and Earth. Several weapons confiscated over the years are a neural impactor, DeSaad's Scream Machine, and Thanagarian weapons. When the first Phantom Zone Projector was destroyed, Superman took a blindfolded Professor Hamilton to the Fortress of Solitude to study schematics from the Brainiac interface. A short time later, Bizarro stumbled upon the Fortress and also interfaced with the device, who mistook him as Superman. He learned about Krypton's history and tried to recreate it in Metropolis. Superman stopped Bizarro and relocated him to a new planet to protect. To keep track of Bizarro, Superman hid several security cameras on the planet. Years later, Superman revealed the location to Supergirl. She would act as a fill in when he had to go into outer space for missions.

On one occassion, Supergirl was forced to launch Superman robots to Metropolis when Superman failed to return home after a month. After being contacted by Martha Kent, Supergirl was shocked to see Superman leading an invasion force for Darkseid. Years later, Mongul discovered the Fortress and teleported a fake gift into it. Superman opened it and was besieged by the Black Mercy, a telepathic plant that traps its victim into a fantasy world. Days later, Batman and Wonder Woman found him on his birthday. While Batman attempted to free Superman, Wonder Woman fought a losing battle against Mongul. When Superman was revived, he attacked Mongul and the battle left the Hall of Weapons to the zoo and ended at the main lobby where the twin statues of Jor-El and Lara-El were damaged.

Sometime in the 2050's, Superman was taken over by Starro while feeding it. It went undetected for years until Batman's investigation unraveled its scheme. With Bruce Wayne's knowledge of the Fortress, a unit of the Justice League Unlimited boomed into the Fortress, However, Big Barda, Green Lantern, Aquagirl, and Warhawk were taken over by spawn of Starro. Starro was seeding a legion of spawn in a labyrinth near the vault door sealing the Fortress from the ocean. Batman escaped but was chased by Superman. After he freed Superman from Starro, they went back into the Fortress to free their allies. As Batman fought Aquagirl, Superman and Barda created debris to block the spawn from leaving the Fortress. The League then relocated them to their rightful planet thanks to Aquagirl's telepathy and Barda's Mother Box.