Dakota Union High School

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): Shock to the System, Aftershock, The Breed, Grounded, The New Kid, Child's Play, Winds of Change, Tantrum, Sunspots, Pop's Girlfriend, Attack of the Living Brain Puppets, The Big Leagues, Jimmy, Duped, Hard as Nails, Gear, The Usual Suspect, Flashback, Romeo in the Mix, Toys in the Hood, She-Back!, Wet and Wild, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dakota Union High School is a public high school located in Dakota City is is currently run by Principal Aguilar. A statue adorns the front lawn. An outdoor basketball court, track field, football field, indoor swimming pool, and indoor gymnasium can also be found on campus. Each student is issued a unique 12 digit identification number. Student ID cards contain this number, a photograph, name, height, weight, eye color, and sex. Like most public schools, Dakota Union has to constantly deal with budget cuts. In one instance, a budget cut reduced the journalism budget by 40%. When news reporters were on campus grounds to investigate a monster microbe, several students used the opportunity to voice her concern. Second-rate facilities and equipment also plague the school such as broken vending machines. In an odd twist, Dakota Union is the school nearest Dakota City Police Department headquarters and its Metahuman Wing.

The faculty includes Mr. McDonald, Mr. Chesterton, faculty advisor to the journalism club, Ms. Wepman, cooking, Ms. Pettibone, English, Mr. McGill, mathematics and science, Mr. Landry, History, Mr. Lawler, Mrs. Coleman, and Miss Moore, biology. Moore, however, turned out to be Darcy Mason, a fugitive creation of Toyman. The staff includes Mr. Janus, the janitor, and Dr. Franklin, psychologist. The freshman student body at one point in time included Eddie, the star quarterback, Dave, Cleo, Seth, Francis Stone, Wade, Virgil Hawkins, Richie Foley, Frieda Goren, Derek Barnett, a track all-star, Omar Harmozi, Leon, Kim, Daisy Watkins, a transfer from the Vanmoor Institute, Aron Price, Thomas Kim, Royce Axelrod, Frankie D'Amico, Heather, Joey Bombora, class president, Madelyn Spaulding, Brian, Jimmy Osgood, Nick Connor, Ray, Kevin, Allie Langford, Earl, Marcus Reed, Tamara Lawrence, Nina Crocker, Shenice Vale, and Tina Todd.

The journalism club has its own website where it posts the class newspaper. A known feature article on pop music was written by Frieda Goren and Daisy Watkins. Other extracurricular activies are talent shows and recycling campaigns. While stopping a robbery in progress, Static happened upon several crates destined for Dakota Union, new computers. He delivered them personally to the student body as they prepared for a homecoming ceremony, marking their first sighting of him. In the early days of his superhero career, Hawkins and Foley utilized the science laboratories to conduct their investigations such as studying Hawkins' blood post-Big Bang and a microbe caught in the event, as well. Aside from Static and Gear, Superman was also sighted on campus. Dakota Union has had its share of Bang Babies, but it also came under attack by a giant microbe, spider, and cockroach. It was also invaded by robots sent by Toyman to kidnap Daisy Watkins. Several buildings were damaged in the attempt.