Daggett Industries

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Feat of Clay Part One, Part Two, Cat Scratch Fever, and Batgirl Returns
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Daggett Industries is a pharmaceutical company founded by Roland Daggett in Gotham City. It appears it was a close rival to Thomas Wayne's Wayne Industries until it was diversified by his son Bruce Wayne. Likewise, Daggett Industries expanded to industry research in Daggett Laboratories, real estate in Daggett Development, and recreation in Yucca Springs Health Resort. During the diversification of offerings, Daggett Industries continued to be a leader in the pharmaceutical field.

The ambitions of the company began to swell amid rumors of a planned takeover of WayneTech. Luscius Fox finally gathered hard evidence that proved Roland Daggett engaged in insider training. However, his men and hired Matt Hagen, posing as Bruce Wayne, attacked Fox and if not for Batman would have been killed. Around the same time, Daggett Industries was ready to roll out Renu-Yu beauty cream for direct marketing. When Hagen resurfaced as Clayface, he attaked Daggett during a live promotion of the product. A short time later, Daggett planned to redevelop Crime Alley into the Park Row Community Center, a mini-mall complex. While speaking to the Gotham Better Business Council, Daggett would have an alibi while his hired arsonist, Nitro would torch the area and make it look like a fatal gas leak. Again, Batman foiled Daggett's plans. The plot was blamed on Nitro and Daggett escaped any connection.

The fatal blow to Daggett Industries came when he hired Dr. Milo to engineer a disease to be carried by lost pets. When Gotham was in a state of emergency, Daggett would dispense the cure and make a huge profit. One of the animals used was Isis, pet of Selina Kyle. She discovered the scheme but was infected. On the verge of death, she was given the antidote by Batman. Daggett was finally implicated and the legal fees from court bankrupted him and the company. He came up with a plan to start over but needed a lot of capital. The opportunity came during the showing of a jade cat statue on a 19th century Han Dynasty at the Gotham State University Museum. He stole the cat and pinned the crime on Catwoman. Catwoman, however, saw right through the ruse and allied herself with Batgirl to identify a corrosive compound left at the scene of the crime. The duo ended up at a Daggett Industries plant and were captured by Daggett and his men. Robin intervened and together, they defeated Daggett once and for all. It is assumed that Daggett Industries came to its end, as well.