Crime Alley

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: (BTAS): Forgotten, Appointment in Crime Alley, and Paging the Crime Doctor
Appearances: (BB): Shriek and Ace in the Hole
Appearances: (JLU): For The Man Who Has Everything
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The oldest region of Gotham City is in the north, collectively referred to as Old Town. Spared any further development for its historical value, Old Town was a symbol of the past and slowly declined like a open wound. Its most famous area was the glamorous Park Row. However, 30 years ago, the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne at the hands of Joe Chill signaled the beginning of a decline into what it is now known as, Crime Alley.

Drifters, homeless, and vagrants populate the slums, with little hope, aside from the Thomas Wayne Free Memorial Clinic, run by Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and the Dock Street Rescue Mission. Criminal enterprises often set up shop in Crime Alley. The Dock Street Scrap Yeard was once a front for an illegal chain gang run by Boss Biggis until it was shut down by Batman. Every winter, Batman meets with Thompkins and they visit the site where the Wayne's were murdered. Batman lays a rose in their memory.

Over the decades, numerous attempts have been made to develop the land. Roland Daggett once tried to destroy Crime Alley using arson for hire, Nitro. Rigged to look like a gas leak, Daggett would swoop in and offer his company, Daggett Development, to rebuild the area and construct his Park Row Community Center. When Thompkins discovered the plot, was kidnapped, and failed to meet with Batman, he conducted a search and saved her and the town. Years later, on Superman's birthday, Batman and Wonder Woman entered the Fortress of Solitude to find their ally bound by the Black Mercy. Upon removing it, Batman was then captured and subjected to his fantasy. On that fateful day in Crime Alley, he witnessed his father fight back against Joe Chill. However, it soon ended when Wonder Woman arrived and removed the Mercy.

Decades later, while laying down a rose, Bruce Wayne was saved from a Joker by a stray dog. Wayne took the dog under his care and named him Ace. A few years later, Derek Powers made a move to purchase and redevelop Old Town into an industrial complex. Wayne, still a member of the Board, intervened and convinced the other shareholders to stop the sale. Angered by the defeat, Powers manipulated Walter Shreev into disposing of Wayne in return for continuing to bail out his company, Shreev Sound. Eventually, Wayne realized he was part of a scheme and Batman defeated Shreev.