Cape Canaveral, Florida

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Appearances (STAS): Monkey Fun
Powers/Skills: None
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Noted on 16th century nautical maps by Spanish explorers, Cape Canaveral became an infamous site for shipwreck survivors to dock. Post World War II, it was chosen as the site for future rocket launches. Besides basic logistical advantages, Cape Canaveral was close to the equator and ships could launch east towards Earth's rotation and take advantage of linear velocity. Its surrounding area is not densely populated, ideal for any accidents that may happen.

In the 1970's, Colonel Sam Lane and his family lived in a military subsidized community near the Cape. When Lois Lane was eight years old, their pet Titano was subjected to its intended mission into space. From N.A.S.A. base command, the Lane's watched in horror as Titano was lost and communications went offline.