Box Canyon

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): The Forgotten
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Box Canyon is an area outside of Gotham City with a ravine with a steep gorge on all sides. It is unescapable through normal convention and most aerial craft are unable to land in such a confined space. A chain gang led by Boss Biggis was formed when gold ore was discovered in Box Canyon. Upon further excavation, Biggis demanded more workers and more ore. His men used their front at the Dock Street Scrap Yard to kidnap people from Crime Alley. The chain gang used conventional dry digging with the use of an aqueduct. However, further expansion of the mine was used with dynamite and made the mine shaft even more vulnerable to cave-ins.

Bruce Wayne began to investigate missing persons disguised as Gaff Morgan. He was kidnapped by Biggis' men and awoke in a state of amnesia. After befriending two other workers, Dan Riley and Salvo Smith, Wayne slowly regained his memory. After escaping into Box Canyon and finding Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne returned to Biggis' camp as Batman. The fight went to the mine shaft where he systematically took out Biggis' gang. His lamp accidentally set off the stored explosives. Unable to get out in time, Batman threw Biggis onto the aqueduct and the both escaped and fell into the ravine as the shaft exploded.