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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL): The Enemy Below Part One, Part Two, The Terror Beyond Part One, and Part Two
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Atlantis is said to be an island nation, off the eastern seaboard of present-day North America, dating back thousands of years ago. In ancient times, the city was ruled by sorceror kings. When the Old Ones attacked, King Poseidon gathered ambient mystical energy and forged it into a single weapon, the Trident of Poseidon. With it, he banished the demons to interdimensional space. However, the same magic that was used for the Trident were drawn from the same energy powered spells that prevented Atlantis from sinking into the ocean. It soon sunk to the ocean depths and its people were forced to adapt living under the sea. Isolated from society, the nation grew and prospered in a perpetual golden age ruled by royalty. As a measure of last resort, the Atlanteans hid a Doomsday Thermal Reactor in the North Pole. To prevent misuse, the Reactor was never armed with a suitable power source.

Atlantis' current ruler is Arthur. In his first encounter with the outside world, LexCorp was testing explosives near Atlantis and causing structural damage. Arthur went to the surface to warn them but he was branded as an ecological terrorist and kept prisoner at an aquarium in Metropolis. Arthur's telepathic summoning of nearby animals prompted the investigation of Lois Lane and she freed him. Superman intervened in the fiasco and convinced Arthur that the explosive testing would end. This would be only the beginning of his relationship with Superman and disagreements with the surface world. Years later, Atlantean forces scuttled the U.S.S. Defiant nuclear submarine when it got too close to Atlantis. The Justice League attempted to negotiate a peace but reached an impasse. Superman then convinced Arthur to voice his concerns to the World Assembly in Metropolis. However, he was attacked, branded a traitor, and nearly killed again due to the schemes of his brother, Orm. The League joined forces with Arthur to stop him from destroying the world with the Thermal Reactor.

Months later, in an effort to save his city, Arthur allied with Dr. Fate to devise a way to reseal fissures that allowed the Old Ones to return to Earth. When the plan failed, Arthur returned to Atlantis to lead his forces against the demons. The drive succeeded and the Old Ones fled back into R'lyeh where Arthur, Wonder Woman, and Superman resealed the main fissure. After the Thanagarian invasion, Arthur joined the Justice League Unlimited as Aquaman and Atlantis was recognized as a sovereign nation by the World Assembly. However, one of the main sources of contention was the Assembly's refusal to acknowledge global warming. Eventually, Atlantis withdrew its membership over this issue. During a multiverse crisis with dimensions overlapping, half of Atlantis was replaced with something so alien, it couldn't be described.