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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Little Girl Lost Part One
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Argos is a planet at the edge of the Rao System in the Xeno Galaxy. Its distance is 43, 850 from Krypton and its exact coordinates are 23-456-N86. Krypton referred to Argos as its "sister planet," possibly a euphemism for colony. Like Krypton, Argos was a vibrant world with advanced technology such as psionic receptors, which work through mental concentration. Argosians share the same physiology as Kryptonians and if exposed to yellow sunlight, they develop a range of super powers. Likewise, magic, red sun radiation, and Kryptonite are their physical weaknesses.

When Krypton imploded, Argos was torn from its natural orbit. Five years later, the devastation destroyed most of the world as it drifted away from Rao, the sun, and slowly froze. Kala In-Ze, chief physician of Argo City, tried to save her family by placing them in cryogenic stasis and playing a transmission on a repeating loop. Decades later, Superman discovered the transmission while visiting the Rao system. He then found the sole survivor, Kara In-Ze, and took her back with him to Earth where she became Supergirl. Based on her observation, 31st century Earth was most similar to 20th century Argos in terms of technology.