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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Tools of the Trade, Father's Day, Apokolips...Now! Part One, Part Two, Little Girl Lost Part One, Part Two, Legacy Part One, and Part Two
Appearances (JL/U): Twilight Part One, The Ties That Bind, and Alive!
Appearances (JLI): The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

A long time ago, a planet was split in half and formed two new planets. One was New Genesis and the other was Apokolips, a world of darkness and despair. Apokolips lacks any natural life and is one giant city that covers the planet. Its most notable feature are the Fire Pits that can be seen from space. Their exact origin is unknown whether it is mystical or scientific in nature. Darkseid rules Apokolips and is considered a god by the Lowlies, human slaves that toil endlessly in the Armaghetto districts. The planet is patrolled by Parademons and Dog Troopers.

Darkseid resides in his palace and charts his conquest to his elite circle: his son Kalibak, interrogator DeSaad, generals Steppenwolf and Virman Vunderbarr, mistress Granny Goodness, the Female Furies, assassin Kanto, and Mantis. His cult of worship is supplemented by statues erected in his likeness on a daily basis. Two other locations on Apokolips are Granny Goodness' Orphanage, where she raises and instills loyalty in Darkseid's subjects, and the main prison facility known as the X-Pit. The only person to ever escape is Highfather's birth son, Scott Free. Darkseid's forces possess the power to create burn holes through technological magama tabulars.

In his third attempt to subjugate Earth, Darkseid lured Superman into a trap. After extensive electroshock therapy at the Orphanage, they convinced Superman he landed on Apokolips as an infant and was lovingly nurtured by Darkseid. He taught the Kryptonian that he only desired to bring order to a lawless universe. After proving himself, Darkseid allowed Kal-El to invade and take a planet for his own, Earth. After Superman regained his memories and escaped imprisonment, he stormed Apokolips and defeated Darkseid. Darkseid's Palace was partially destroyed in the process. Before Superman could kill him, Supergirl intervened and they boomed back home. Years later, Darkseid's latest invasion attempt was repelled by New Genesis. Orion then boomed Steppenwolf's ship into Darkseid's Palace as a warning to end his quest for the Anti-Life Equation. Soon after, Brainiac arrived and proceeded to assimilate data then destroy the planet. Darkseid brokered a deal to save it. In exchange for Superman, Apokolips would be spared.

The plan failed and Darkseid was killed when Brainiac's base exploded. A civil war erupted when contention on who should rule Apokolips broke between the two top heirs, Granny Goodness and Virman Vunderbarr. Some like Kanto took sides, others like Mantis went solo, and Kalibak became a tool to legitimize rule. Even Mr. Miracle and Big Barda were extorted by Granny Goodness into entering the conflict. After extracting Kalibak from the X-Pit, the Flash decided to swap Kalibak into a prison on Earth and pose Jonzz as him when they presented Kalibak to Goodness for Miracle's friend, Oberon. The war raged on until a final battle was staged. Just as the battle began, Darkseid was resurrected and returned to proclaim his plan to destroy Earth, destroy New Genesis, and then find the solution to the Anti-Life Equation. When Lex Luthor and Darkseid disappeared, the civil war on Apokolips reignited. The dominant forces were led by Granny Goodness and Kalibak. Years later, J'onn J'onzz decided to take on a role of the Justice League's ambassador and planned to go to Apokolips first and attempt to mediate an end to the war.