Alva Industries

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): Aftershock, Junior, Trouble Squared, Flashback, Where Rubber Meets the Road, and Kidnapped
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Alva Industries is a cutting edge science and technology firm based in Dakota City. Founded by Edwin Alva, the company rests on the mandate to "scour the world for the best and brightest young scientific minds." Although it has never been proved in a court of law, Alva Industries has ties to illegal activties such as smuggling. One of the company's earliest known creations is Quantum Vapor, an experimental mutagen created in the late 1990's. During the Dakota Riots, a time-traveling Ebon broke into company headquarters and hijacked a tanker truck full of the Vapor. He was intent on manipulating a legion of metahumans loyal to him. Static, Gear, and Timzeone stopped him. Years later, in the 21st century, the police attempted to break up a gang war at the harbor. They set off several barrels of Quantum Vapor and the event was known as the Big Bang. Dozens of artificial metahumans were born overnight. Although the Mayor was privy, Alva Industries nor Edwin Alva were ever publicly tied to the Big Bang.

The rest of the Vapor was stored at headquarters' High Security Vault Number 14. Classified as a Hazardous Containment Area, only authorized personnel were allowed entry, most likely those from the Bioresearch Division. Level 7 is home to the Advanced Cybernetics Division. Room 122B of this level was dedicated to the restoration of Edwin Alva Junior after he mutated into stone. Despite appearances, Alva Industries often recruits scientists under the promise of completely funding dream projects in exchange for first aiding in high priority projects. And most times, once that intial project is complete the scientist is terminated and all research is confiscated by the company.

In addition to the company headquarters, Alva Industries maintains its own shipping fleet, at least one warehouse, and at least two weapons factories. The security mainframe keeps most criminal elements at bay with defense bots, electrified corridors, and laser systems but several metahumans were able to enter with ease such as Static, Ebon, and Tarmack. A private security force patrols the grounds on foot, paramilitary vehicles, and robot exo-suits. In order to deflect negative implications, Alva Industries is involved in various public relations events. In coordination with Dakota Union High School, it sponsors a Career Day and accepts students at company headquarters for a guided tour. At some point, Alva Industries launched several research satellites into space. It appears they may have played a role in the network gathering data on Static. However, when the metahuman Tarmack stole a fusion generator from Alva Industries, the satellites were used to pinpoint its nuclear radiation.

Several disgruntled employees have turned to crime and became credible threats to Dakota, including the duo of Specs & Trapper and Dr. Karen Roberts. The latter built the largest data gathering network for Alva Industries to find out Static's secret identity. When activated, it was tied into every device and network across the planet. After getting laid off, Roberts blackmailed Static to steal back her Project Omni equipment from Lab 14 at Alva Industries.