Ace Chemical Plant

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): The Last Laugh, The Man Who Killed Batman, and Beware The Creeper
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ace Chemical Plant is a Gotham City-based chemical processing facility for Ace Chemical Company Incorporated. In recent times, it became notorious for the birthplace of the Joker. A former hitman of Sal Valestra formed his own gang and sought to establish himself by robbing the Plant. The robbery was botched when Batman appeared and took them down. He struggled with the ringleader who fell into a vat of acid and chemicals. It was been the ongoing subject of contention if the man fell, jumped, or was pushed into the vat. Nonetheless, the man survived but was disfigured and became the Joker.

Years later, Ace is still operating in Gotham. It also runs Ace Waste Disposal and manages trash in Gotham. The Joker used a barge filled with Ace's waste product and a laughing gas compound to drive the city temporarily insane on April Fool's Day. When the Joker was convinved Sid the Squid killed Batman, he held a funeral for Batman at the Ace Chemical Plant. After giving a eulogy, Joker sealed Sid in an empty casket and threw it into a vat of chemicals. Luckily, Batman was still alive and following Sid to determine the face behind a drug war. He saved the casket and forced it down a sewer drain. Sid broke out and was amazed by his luck, ignorant to what just really happened.

On the seventh year anniversary of the Joker's birth, Jack Ryder filmed a live taping at the Plant for a Gotham Insider special. He recounted what little facts were known about the man who would become Joker. His show attracted the attention of the Joker and his gang, who attacked Ryder. Batman and Robin arrived after watching the horror unfold on television. Doused in Joker toxin and detonated within a vat of chemicals, Ryder survived and transformed into the Creeper. He swore revenge and set out to hunt down his creator.