ZVF Headpiece

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Blind As A Bat
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Vision
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Zero Visibility Flight (ZVF) Sensor System was designed for the WayneTech Raven X1-11 stealth helicopter. The technology takes feedback from an aircraft's radar and sonar then translates it into computer-generated images on a video display console rather than the traditional blips on a tracking grid. In theory and practice, the ZVF could apply to people and objects, much like how a bat uses sonar.

When the Raven was stolen and Batman was blind, he instructed family friend, Dr. Thompkins to wire ZVF components into a headpiece. It was to be worn under his cowl and give him an alternative source of vision while his eyes healed. Electrodes would connect the ZVF directly to the brain's optic center. The main flaw of the device was it needed to be continually recharged. Still a wired device, the ZVF eventually became disconnected from Batman's power pack and it suffered electrical system failure from a low battery. Without the ZVF, Batman used his other senses to defeat the Penguin.