Trojan Horse

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): The Once and Future Thing Part Two
Powers/Skills: History
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Trojan War was a legend told in Virgil's poem, "The Aeneid." During the Bronze Age, the Greeks sought out a way to end their war and invade the city of Troy. After 10 years, they constructed a giant horse statue and hid 30-40 warriors in it. The main Greek fleet sailed away, faking defeat. To celebrate, the Trojans towed the horse in as their trophy of victory. As the Trojans slept, the hidden warriors snuck out and attacked as their fleet returned. As an actual part of history, many speculate it was an animal-shaped battering ram or a Greek calvary unit that disguised themselves as Trojans to infiltrate the city. In the modern age, a Trojan Horse is shorthand for any trick that the enemy uses to make their target invite them in, commonly as malicious computer programs.

In the 2050's, Chronos went insane and took over Neo Gotham. After destroying most of the Justice League, he went throughout time and stole any artifact he desired. One of them was the fabled Trojan Horse. It was laid in the same area as a statue of the god, Jupiter of Smyrna. After Batman and Green Lantern stopped Chronos and reset the timeline, everything was returned back to its original time and place.