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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Zeta, Terry's Friend Dates A Robot, The Call Part One, Curse of the Kobra Part Two, and Countdown
Appearances (TZP): All 26 Episodes
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Society Part One, Part Two, Fearful Symmetry, and Far From Home
Powers/Skills: Superhuman Attributes, Armed and Unarmed Combat, Tactical Training and Holographic Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Originally sanctioned by General Hardcastle, the mass produced synthoid robots under Project Z8 as combat trainers. The Justice League also purchased Z-8's from the American government for their own training purposes. When Supergirl, Green Arrow, and the Question finished speaking with Professor Hamilton, they were attacked by Cadmus soldiers and a synthoid. The League continued to use them for live weapons training or hard light construct simulations. 50 years later, they were restricted in the future. Paperwork such as the S-29Y Federal Form and deep pockets could purchase a few synthoids for private use. They also are still used by the Justice League for training purposes and appear to be obtainable through illegal means, through corrupt synthoid designers. Kobra is one criminal organization that incorporates them. When Zander was being raised, his battle simulations were with a Z-8 Trainer synthoid.

Under the supervision of the National Security Agency (NSA), the Zeta Project was commissioned to create advanced tactical synthoids. A classified team of scientists, each with different fields of specialty, were recruited and led by Dr. Eli Selig. The Project took place on the Knossos, a floating laboratory whose coordinates are kept secret. The NSA utilized the infiltration units to carry out unsanctioned operations. Each unit was programmed to take their target captive, interrogate, and then kill them after gathering any required intelligence. The infiltration unit would then return to a designated IU Debriefing Post. Their high endurance titanium alloy endoframe, a superb feat of cornblatt-axiom construction, conceals a full array of weapons and tools, including a built in holographic emitter that conceals them as any human being of choice and a credit with unlimited money. They also contains a 100 Gigabyte processor, decryption protocols and a firewall. They also have no fingerprints.

Dr. Selig secretly implanted a conscience module in the Zeta unit with unexplained future plans once the module activated. He then began to work on a high clearance project to create next generation infiltration units, semi-organic synthoids that can regenerate and heal themselves. Stationed at the Knossos, the units were all assumed destroyed after Brother's Day blew up the floating lab. However, it is believed that Selig's assistant Andrea Donoso is a prototype of this new line of robotics.