Space-Time Demodulator

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): Flashback
Powers/Skills: Space-Time Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

When Static and Gear saved Nina Crocker from Ebon, they learned she was a metahuman who couldn't control her powers. Gear analyzed her power and concluded that he could make something to channel her energy and quantize space-time into measurable units. Utilizing a VCR remote, Gear invented the Space-Time Demodulator. Crocker, now Timezone, could control her power with it. However, Ebon tried to steal it and in the struggle, Static's electricity overheated the CPU and sent all four of them five years into the past. When the trio defeated Ebon and returned back to the present, they found the Demodulator was damaged. Timezone declared her power was too dangerous and made one final leap in time to stop herself from being near the Big Bang.