Skull Ship

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS):A League Of Their Own Part Two
Appearances (JLU): Divided We Fall
Powers/Skills: Transportation and Digitization
Voiced By: Not Applicable

When Brainiac possessed Gear in Dakota City, it forced him to construct a new body and space ship at an old abandoned steel mill. Static was unaware as he was occupied by a mission with Soul Power to defeat Professor Menace once and for all. Named the Skull Ship, Brainiac directly interfaced with the ship and it essentially acted as an extension of its will. Brainiac immediately went about assimilating objects around the mill into raw data. The Justice League went to action and forbid Static from accompanying them as the personal stake was too great with Richie Foley's life in the balance. The Skull Ship digitized the Javelin but the League continued inside. The ship was later destroyed by Green Lantern and J'onn Jonzz after the Justice League and Static extracted Gear. It landed in a nearby harbor and safely detonated.

Months later, when another Brainiac appeared from inside Lex Luthor's body, it concluded it was ill-prepared for battle and converted the top floor and roof of LexCorp headquarters into another Skull Ship as a distraction. The Justice League founders made quick work of it, and the ship crashed down into Metropolis. Batman quickly deduced it was a ruse to allow Brainiac to escape.