Roman Legionnaire Statue

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): The Once and Future Thing Part Two
Powers/Skills: Landmark
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Roman Legion are the heavy infantry of the Roman army from ancient times to the third century A.D. and came to include 4,200 to 5,200 legionnaire soldiers. Throughout this time, they were constantly disbanded and reformed during certain Roman eras. From 104 B.C., the primary symbol of the Legion was the eagle, referred to as the aquila, and an emblem with their legion's name. It is said that if a citizen aided a legionnaire, they would receive a headless arrow as a symbol of highest honor. Although they were highly regarded as a military model of discipline and efficiency, one of the legion's main keys to success was adaptaion. Their strategy often changed to suit their victory, from siege to guerrilla warfare.

Sometime in the 2050's, in a hypertimeline, David Clinton returned to Neo Gotham as the warlord Chronos. Now clearly insane, he went throughout time and stole various landmarks and artifacts without any previous concern for the timestream. A statue of a Roman Legionnaire, most likely a Centurion, was one of them. With the timeline reset by Batman and Green Lantern, the statue was returned to its rightful place and time.