Robot Sharks

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): I Am Legion
Powers/Skills: Undersea Survival, Flight, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After the events of World War II, the Blackhawk Squadron continued to engage in many missions that challenged the realm of conventional science. During this time, they encountered a Nazi pirate named Killer Shark. Among his weapons were a school of robotic hammerhead sharks that could fire bullets from their eyes. Their main weakpoints are their eyes, which may be part of their internal navigation systems as shooting them will cause the robot to deviate from its flight pattern and crash. After Shark was defeated, the Blackhawks confiscated the robots and reprogrammed them to serve as a perimeter defense on the shores of Blackhawk Island.

In the 21st century, Lex Luthor reprogrammed the sharks to attack the Justice League while he and his comrades searched for the Spear of Longinus. The majority of them were destroyed by a waterspout generated by the Flash that then crashed into the surrounding cliff and War Wheel.