Red Spectrum Technology

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part One, Part Two, Target, Solar Power, and Legacy Part Two
Appearances (JL/U): A Better World Part Two and Starcrossed Part Two
Powers/Skills: Induced Radioactivity
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kryptonian physiology reacts differently to certain spectrums of solar radiation. Yellow solar radiation gives them a multitude of super powers while red strips their powers away and turns them into the equivalent of a normal Earthling. This is mostly due in part because the sun, Rao, Krypton revolved around was a red sun. Decades later, the Preserver sealed Superman in an exhibit that duplicated conditions of Krypton, including its red sun. Powerless, Superman had to rely on his wits until he could find a Earth-simulated enclosure.

Edward Lytener, a former LexCorp employee, used stolen inventory to create a new technology powered by solar ray radiation from the red sun spectrum. When fighting Superman, Lytener appeared to be inflicting pain on Superman. Intrigued by this development, Lex Luthor supplied the imprisoned Lytener with technology for legitimate LexCorp research. He escaped Stryker's Island and became Luminus. He was given access to the LexCorp Satellite Comm system and used it to create a red sun effect. Even though Luminus was defeated, Luthor went on to patent red sun lamps. He later supplied them to Project Cadmus when Superman was captured for invading Earth. The lamps adorned Superman's jail cell and kept him powerless.

On a parallel Earth, three years later, the Justice Lord's Batman devised a series of gimmicks to keep the Justice League neutralized. Superman was bound in restraints and bathed in red sun lamps. It stands to reason that the other Batman also keeps the technology on file in his Batcomputer. Shayera Hol also arrived on Earth as an advance agent and studied the planet's heroes. The intelligence sent back to the Thanagarians were crucial in creating contingencies if the League ever fought against them. Superman was later imprisoned in restraints with a red sun lamp above him.