Power Disrupter

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL/U): A Better World Part One, Part Two, and Task Force X
Powers/Skills: Power Negation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

While on the run as a criminal, Lex Luthor perfected a device he named the Power Disrupter. Chiefly designed to neutralize his enemies, the Justice League, it could theoretically defeat any metahuman, in general. The Disrupter generates an energy wave that permanently disrupts the electrical impulses of the central nervous system. Before he could use it, Luthor was defeated and the Flash dismantled it.

When the Justice League prepared to battle their Justice Lord counterparts, Superman pled with the authorities to allow Lex Luthor and his Power Disrupter to be used in exchange for several requests. The Justice Lord Hawkgirl could no longer use her wings and her mace's energy field was disrupted, J'onn Jonzz couldn't shapeshift, Green Lantern couldn't generate enough willpower to activate his power ring, and Superman lost all his solar-induced powers, even invulnerability, which was created by an electrochemical bio aura. The Justice League confiscated the Disrupter and it currently resides in the Justice League Unlimited Watchtower.

Rest In Peace, DarkLantern