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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Appearances (JLU): Dark Heart and Epilogue
Appearances (SS): Toys in the Hood and Hoop Squad
Powers/Skills: Self-Duplication, Matter Manipulation, and Automation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Nanotechnology is the study of creating new technologies 100 nanometers or smaller to aid in a variety of existing fields such as electronics and medicine. The technology is known to exist and perhaps have originated 50,000 years ago. Two planets were locked in war until one created the Dark Heart, a nanotech doomsday weapon. Once landed, it devoured all organic and inorganic matter and fueled itself for continuous self-duplication. However, after the planet was conquered, it turned on its creators then traveled across the universe destroying planet after planet.

In the 20th century, Brainiac settled on a mission to digitize the universe of all information. At an unspecified interval, Brainiac assimilated nanotechnology into its rapport. In order to guarentee its survival, it would periodically implant holistic nanotech copies of itself in organic matter. After a gestation period of several years, a new Brainiac would emerge. Although advanced, Brainiac's nanotechnology was inferior compared to the Dark Heart.

In the 1940's on Earth, John von Neumann came up with the theory of universal constructors in his work, Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata. Von Neumann theorized that the most effective way of completing large-scale mining operations would be by using self-replicating machines, a superior tool because of their exponential growth. These machines used 29 states to carry out signal carriage and logical operations with bit streams. Utilizing internal memory, it would use its construction arm to create a complete copy of itself. He also thought it would have the capcity for evolution. His work was finished by Arthur Burks in 1966 and continued by others. It also came to be argued in many doomsday scenarios.

Decades later, before Brainiac's destruction, it uploaded itself into LexCorp computers and began to reconstruct itself. As part of its usual precautions, it blasted a nanotech copy into Lex Luthor and was destroyed a short time later. However, it also infected WayneTech computers and injected Bruce Wayne with regular nanites and placed him under Brainiac's control. Wayne disappeared to Wayne Aerospace and headed a project to create a way for Brainiac to leave Earth. Superman and Robin intervened and destroyed Brainiac. Wayne returned to normal and was assured the nanites would dissolve in a few weeks. Superman then used his enhanced vision to double check Wayne's computers for any lingering nanites.

Years later, Professor Ivo utilized nanotechnology to create A.M.A.Z.O. and its amazing duplication abilities. Set on a path of evolution, it eventually returned to Earth in search of answers. With its blueprints, the Atom, a nanotech specialist, and Lex Luthor created a Nano-Disassembler Gun to destroy A.M.A.Z.O. but it long evolved from that capacity was immune to the gun. Soon after, the Dark Heart landed on Earth in Goldhanger, Nevada. The Justice League Unlimited intervened and even utilized their Watchtower's fusion cannon, but to no avail. Superman flew to Boston to pick up the Atom for help. At the time, he was microscopic and fighting a rogue nanite that suffered a bad chemical wash. He simply punched out the nanite's memory. Upon observing the Dark Heart, Atom volunteered to head inside and stop it. He accessed its memory and learned the Heart's origins. Unable to destroy the core, Atom disrupted the constant flow of liquefied matter and caused it to implode from the overload. The remains were all confiscated by Project Cadmus but they failed to utilize any of it. They were shelved in their Washington D.C. facility.

Toyman also utilized nanotechnology in one known instance. While stalking Darcy Mason in Dakota City, they reached an agreement. Mason would choose a human she would replace then Toyman would facilitate a full memory transfer to an exact nanite duplicate for her to inhabit. Mason took a job at Dakota Union High School as Miss Moore, a Biology teacher, and chose Daisy Watkins. Except for generating an electrical aura, Mason would be nearly human in this nanite body. Toyman anticipated betrayal and secretly programmed a fail-safe mechanism that would order the nanites to liquefy the body. Sure enough, it happened. Rather than administer the antidote to Mason, Toyman allowed her to die. Dr. Odium, a scientist recruited by the National Biotech Authority, went rogue after being restricted from testing his nanite creations on humans. He imprinted his personality on the nanites then demanded $100 million in two hours. If the request was not meant he would use his nanites to destroy the west coast of the United States of America. Before Odium could funnel the nanites into an abandoned oil field in northern Los Angeles with a stolen compressor, Static detonated it and instantly vaporized them.

Months later, Lex Luthor attempted to create a new body using A.M.A.Z.O.'s design. Amanda Waller utilized the Nano-Disassembler Gun to destroy it. Brainiac and Lex Luthor escaped to the D.C. facility and assimilated the Dark Heart in order to become one being and become the universe's new God. They used the Dark Heart's abilities to reconfigure the Cadmus base into a weapon to digitize the world in one shot. The Justice League founders intervened and the Flash used ultraspeed vibrations to destroy Brainiac without killing Luthor. Project Cadmus later used nanotechnology to as a method of rewriting genetic material. It was stolen by the Joker and used on Tim Drake and decades later by Amanda Waller to rewrite Warren McGinnis' reproductive material with Bruce Wayne's and seed a heir to the mantle of Batman. Eventually, nanotechnology was outlawed for the reasons of these applications.