Mind Control Module

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL/U): The Brave and The Bold Part One, Part Two, Task Force X, Dead Reckoning, and The Great Brain Robbery
Powers: Mental Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Mind Control Module is an invention of Grodd, a former citizen of Gorilla City. Worn as a helmet, it augments its user with heightened mental powers such as mind control, hence its namesake. As a precaution, Solovar and his security force wore special headbands that can resist the effects of the module. In his first battle against the Justice League, the Flash managed to cross several wires of the the module and tricked Grodd into using it. The electrical overload left him in a catatonic state but he soon recovered with permanent super powers, mainly the ability to project thought waves. The Mind Control Module was confiscated by the Justice League and now resides in their Watchtower's High Security Storage Room.

Grodd later built multiple Mind Control Modules during his tenure as leader of the Legion of Doom. In what was touted as his ultimate plan, the device was to be installed on Gorilla City's force field generator and used to take over every mind on the planet. Instead, Grodd wanted to de-evolve every human into gorillas. After the Justice League intervened and reversed the condition, Lex Luthor took over the Legion and decided to utilize the module to forcefully extract information on how to restore Brainiac from Grodd's mind. At the same time, Dr. Fate cast a spell on the Flash to discover the Legion of Doom's location through mental imprints left by Grodd. Something went wrong and the Flash and Luthor switched minds.