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Real Identity: Tim Drake
Appearances (BTAS): Holiday Knights, Sins of the Father, Cold Comfort, Never Fear, Growing Pains, The Demon Within, Over the Edge, Animal Act, Old Wounds, Critters, Chemistry, Beware the Creeper and Mystery of the Batwoman
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Appearances (BB): Return of the Joker
Appearances (SS): The Big Leagues and Future Shock
Appearances (JL): The Savage Time Part One (Hypertime) and Hereafter Part One
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1, Mentors Part 2, Red Son Rising Part 1, Red Son Rising Part 2, Red Son Rising Part 3, and Secret Santa
Skills: Detective, hand to hand combat and technological
Voiced By: Matthew Valencia, Eli Marienthal, Brianne Siddall (Legends of the Dark Knight), Shane Sweet (Future Shock), and Dean Stockwell (Return of the Joker)

Tim Drake is the son of the late Steven "Shifty" Drake, a thug who was known from burglary and armed robbery. Tim Drake was often left to survive on his own in the slums of Gotham City. Drake resorted to stealing food and supplies from sidewalk stands and unwitting people. He openly disapproved of his father's involvement with Two-Face and idolized Batman. On one occasion, Drake watched a rooftop battle of Batman, the first Robin and Batgirl versus the Joker. Afterwards, Drake acquired a Batarang that he kept with him for security.

Shifty Drake wasn't a complete hardened criminal. His love for his son might have been an influence when he stole a nerve gas compound from Two-Face and fled Gotham. Two-Face stormed Drake's apartment and found Tim, instead. After he found the key to the compound's locker, Two-Face decided to kill Tim but Batman intervened. Drake accompanied an unconscious Batman back to the Bat Cave, where he stumbled onto his secret. After Batman and Batgirl left to confront Two-Face's latest ransom, Tim Drake donned the Robin outfit and helped stop Two-Face, much to Batman's delight.

Tim Drake was allowed to become the second Robin. For months, Wayne trained Drake and had him enrolled in school. Despite his naivete (or perhaps, caring for others too much) and jumping prematurely into situations, Drake showed a potential intuitive nature. As Robin, he fought alongside his idol, Batgirl, Nightwing, Superman and Static, to name a few. He also faced off against most of Batman's rogues, despite some sheltering, like the Joker, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy.

One of Drake's defining moments as Robin was during the return of Clayface. While he and Batman were pursuing a disguised Clayface, Robin encountered a young amnesic girl close to his age. Robin's inner desire to help individuals influenced him to give chase. Robin even went far enough to disobey Batman. The girl finally realized Robin's intentions and obliged. However, she had no recollection of her name. He offered "Annie", to which she accepted. Robin then attempted to help her remember who she was. Annie then learned she was part of Clayface and allowed him to absorb her, despite Robin's pleading. Batman arrived to help stop Clayface but clearly Drake was possibly following the same path of Dick Grayson.

Batman was forced to flee from a blimp with the Ventriloquist after Scarface's explosives were accidentally triggered. As they fell to the waters below, Scarface was dropped. He called the Ventriloquist a butterfingered jabroni. Robin deployed the net and scooped up Batman and Ventriloquist but asked why he didn't get to have any fun. Some time later, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl responded to Clayface's rampage at a downtown theater. Robin tried to wrangle an arm with rope but was unsuccessful. Batman threw a Batarang then dodged a counterattack. They surrounded Clayface but before they could close in, he split in half and bolted in opposite directions. Batgirl and Robin pursued one while Batman went after the other. Robin ran into Annie, who pleaded for his help. Batgirl tried to warn Robin but he became angry and threw a freezing capsule at her. She began to revert back to Clayface and took a jump kick from Robin. Robin declared that was for Annie. Clayface still fought back and wrapped a tendril arm around Robin's neck while swiping at Batgirl.

Deathstroke leaped down and sliced Clayface's head in half with a sword coated with a fast-acting sedative. Deathstroke promised Clayface would wake up in six hours with nothing more than a bad headache. He helped Robin up to his feet. Batgirl thanked him. Batman arrived with the other half of Clayface frozen and over his shoulder. He already deduced he was Deathstroke based on a code name associated with a mercenary matching his description. Deathstroke quipped he would be the first to advocate using a fear-inducing title then stated tonight, he could call him "friend" then bid them farewell. Sunny stole a Farmer Brown van and timed it to drive by as Deathstroke was saying his goodbyes to Batman. Deathstroke flipped towards the van. Robin commented "awesome." Batman and Batgirl stared at him. During a later encounter with Batgirl, Deathstroke commended her and Robin, a testament to Batman's training, and without them the city would have rotted a long time ago.

Batgirl sensed she was listening to a sales pitch. Deathstroke insisted he just meant there was a bigger theater for a woman of her talents and she could go far under his supervision. Batgirl stated she was doing just fine. Deathstroke questioned that and asked her if she was aware someone was watching her. Red Hood was surprised and bolted from his rooftop position. That morning, Barbara Gordon briefed Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, and Alfred Pennyworth about the encounter. Drake was excited to hear Deathstroke thought he was good. Wayne told him not to put much stock in his compliments. Drake was bummed. Wayne continued that men of Deathstroke's ilk were only visible only when they needed to be. Pennyworth added and only solicitous when they wanted something. Gordon stated she definitely felt like he was after someone. Wayne advised them to keep their distance from Deathstroke until he learned more. Batman and Robin got a hot tip on the whereabouts of the Wonderland Gang. However, Batman ordered Robin back home since it was school night.

Robin was furious and vented over comms with Pennyworth. Robin noticed Deathstroke up above going roof to roof. Robin lied to Pennyworth that he was on his way home and decided it was up to him to find out what Deathstroke was up to. He tailed him to the Gotham Natural History Museum's Entomology Pavilion unaware it was all a set up. Deathstroke rappelled down from the skylight but Robin was already waiting for him atop a giant mantis statue and surprised him with a wise crack. Deathstroke congratulated him on getting the drop on him but recommended leading with a weapon next time he came upon an enemy. Robin inquired if they were now enemies. Deathstroke reaffirmed they were allies and under his protection for the night since he decided to insert himself into his affairs. Deathstroke asked him if he knew about Firefly. Robin recalled what Batman told him. Deathstroke informed him about a failed job Firefly took in Zurich. A vault exploded. Firefly escaped but was left scarred on his face. He became deadlier and crazier than ever, rebuilding his suit to be stronger than before.

Robin admitted to Deathstroke he didn't inform Batman where he was. Deathstroke stated he wasn't waiting around. Robin claimed he wasn't and could do back up. Deathstroke quipped he wouldn't have it any other way then told him about Firefly's M.O. of collecting insects and clued him in on a low, rising humming. Firefly unleashed a swarm of Asian Giant Hornets on them. Robin and Deathstroke retreated to a giant ant figure hanging from the ceiling. Robin formulated his own plan and told Deathstroke to follow his lead. Robin jumped down, removed his cape, swept several up in it, and immobilized them with a fire extinguisher. Deathstroke thought it wasn't bad but suggested a permanent solution to the giant hornets. Deathstroke's partner Sunny posed as Firefly and opened fire on them. Firefly speculated Interpol was so afraid of him they hired Deathstroke to snuff him out. Robin threw a Batarang but it bounced off his helmet. Firefly wasn't keen on "take your kids to work" day but Deathstroke leaped and knocked the fire gun away with his sword. Robin thought he was finished without it. Deathstroke warned there was more to it.

Firefly asked him to let the kid learn for himself. Firefly's mask revealed a mouth and he unleashed a wave of flames. Firefly unleashed attack after attack. Deathstroke and Robin dodged and jumped away. While Firefly focused on Robin, Deathstroke leaped from the top of a dinosaur and connected with a diving kick. He warned Firefly it was a reminder he was still around. Firefly landed on the back of a Triceratops then quipped he was clearing the field first. Robin was surrounded by flames and started having issues breathing. Deathstroke carried him in his arms and leaped to safety. Batman was not pleased Robin cut off his comm line. From the Batcave, Pennyworth reminded him that Robin was at the age when defiance could be confused with independence. Batman asked him where he lost contact. Pennyworth recalled it was on Morrison heading for K Street. He asked if that helped any. Batman saw smoke. He jumped atop a fire truck responding to the museum. Robin wondered why the sprinklers never activated. Deathstroke deduced Firefly disabled them and decided to confront him alone. Firefly realized Deathstroke was wearing a kevlar suit and raised the intensity of the flames. Deathstroke claimed to have a Hephaestus sword to withstand the attacks.

The sprinklers suddenly turned on. Batman swung in and kicked Firefly from behind. Deathstroke observed and realized the steam created from the water would inhibit Firefly's vision and combined with Batman using infrared filters on his cowl, he had the upper hand. Batman decked Firefly enough to break the right eye glass. Firefly vowed Batman would burn next time then blew open an exit. Robin, Batman, and Deathstroke ran out into the street but Firefly was gone. Robin wanted to continue but Batman ordered him to go home immediately. The next day, Barbara Gordon went to Wayne Manor and found Tim Drake in the living room doing homework. She asked where everybody was. Drake replied there were "downstairs" but he wasn't invited. Gordon confirmed she heard he was grounded. Drake asked her how much she thought an international bounty hunter got paid. Gordon teased he was too young and speculated the CIA commissary was hiring bus boys. Drake was not amused and told her she had no idea what it's like. Gordon did in fact then headed to the Batcave.

Just after dusk, Pennyworth served dinner to Tim Drake and Bruce Wayne. Drake tried to get out of his punishment by mentioning the Bond movie had been out for awhile. Before he could finish his sentence, Wayne told him no. Drake pointed out his sentence was for Robin and he just passed his Geometry final. Wayne still said no. Pennyworth commended him for giving it a try. He stewed in the Batcave and called up Barbara Gordon to vent. She was shelving books at Gotham University Campus Library. Drake couldn't believe Batman cut off all contact after all these years. Gordon questioned "years." Drake clarified it had been almost a year since he became Robin. He asked again if Batman contacted her. Gordon told him she is working in the library and the only action she was getting was stamping due dates. She picked up a Historical Society book and noticed a slip of paper sticking out. She pulled it out and saw a handwritten note that read, "It's a Trap" Drake called out to her and asked her what was going on. Jason Todd left the library undetected. Drake and Gordon noticed the paper was stuck in a book about Old Gotham in a chapter about the building of the Tri-State Dam.

Batgirl and Robin heard Deathstroke boasting about his plan and threw out rope around his arms then yanked him backwards. Robin remarked he thought Joker was a motor mouth. Deathstroke sliced the ropes and lamented the development but proceeded to kill them, too. Batman reached for the packs on the Firefly costume and threw a jar at Deathstroke. He sliced it and accelerant spilled all over him. He lit on fire. Deathstroke pointed out his suit was kevlar and he was only succeeded in making him look more menacing. Batman pointed out his suit would also heat up and guessed it was already 10 degrees higher. Deathstroke swung into a vat and triggered an explosion. He tried to escape and strip off his suit but Batman threw a fire extinguisher at his head and knocked him out. He then sprayed the extinguisher on him to put out the flames. For the record, Robin stated he never thought Deathstroke was great.

Drake later overheard Batman and Pennyworth talking about Jason Todd. Drake felt validated his theory about the stalker being a former member of the team was right and demanded to know the truth about the second Robin. Batman stated he needed to get out to the city and told Pennyworth to tell Drake everything about Jason Todd. As Pennyworth told the tale, Drake found himself relating to Todd as they both saw Batman as an idol to model themselves after. Tim Drake was satisfied with Pennyworth's story but he had one question left. He asked why he was there. Pennyworth didn't understand. Drake pointed out Todd's story was practically the same as his and wondered if he was just a do-over for the mistakes Batman made with the other Robins. Pennyworth stated Wayne always felt a kinship with those who have suffered tragedy and fought back but both he and Wayne saw Drake had two things Todd never had: integrity and dedication. Batman agreed. He walked down the stairs and explained what happened to Jason Todd was the biggest mistake of his life and he would never let that happen every again.

Tim Drake shook Batman's hand then tossed him, already deducing that wasn't the real deal and stated he wouldn't be much of a Robin if he fell for it. Jason Todd was surprised and asked what gave it away like the lack of a Batmobile. Drake pointed out Batman never apologized for making a mistake. Pennyworth fired a bola at Todd but he dodged it then retaliated with a Batarang. It hit Pennyworth in the head and knocked him out. Drake charged him. Todd offered a free lesson: anger was a plus in their world but it was also sloppy. Todd clocked him then knocked him out with a kick. He dragged Drake up the stairs with his Robin suit. Red Hood greeted Robin with one of Alfred Pennyworth's rise and shine lines. Water poured onto Robin's face and he woke up confused. He was trapped in an impenetrable glass tank filling up with water in one of Killer Croc's sewer lairs. Red Hood asked him how many times he heard Pennyworth say it and joked that was half the reason he left.

Robin demanded to know what was going on. Red Hood replied he had to be dressed for the big show and taunted without his belt he was powerless and unable to escape. Robin retorted he didn't need it to take him down. Red Hood told him not to bother. Robin asked him what he wanted. Red Hood suggested a breaststroke or anything really to keep him afloat. Hood returned with Joker and Batman. By the time Batman awoke, Robin was up to his knees in water in a glass tank filling up. Robin informed them they weren't leaving anytime soon then assured Batman is was okay for the moment. Red Hood added that all depended on Batman. Batman pointed out they were all in danger because the old pipes in the lair could blow any second. Hood was sure everything would hold together enough for them to finish their business. Batman already figured out a way for Robin to escape and told Red Hood he underestimated Robin because he was used to pressure and has been around the block. Robin examined his choice of words and realized what he meant then took his cape off and plugged the pipe on the sly.

Batman kept Red Hood focused on him as he and Joker refused to take part in his ultimatums. Robin bided his time in the tank. It was close to bursting. Straightman invaded the lair. In the chaos, Robin escaped from the tank and recovered his belt. Joker applauded Straightman's perfect timing and picked up a hand gun, intending to kill the Robin of the past and present. He noticed Robin was gone and got hit in the back of the head with a crowbar. Robin tossed it to Batman to use against Straightman. When that failed, Batman tricked Straightman into using his powerful punches to cause a cave-in. Robin climbed the stairs halfway to a manhole cover and fired his grapnel line to Batman. He called out to who Red Hood realized Batman never gave up on him but he couldn't change. Red Hood told Batman he was off the hook and he should go save the Robin who needed him. Hood pulled himself off the crowbar and was carried off by the current. The sealed manhole cover suddenly exploded.

Batgirl lowered herself down and asked what she missed. Batgirl's two drones failed to locate any of them. Batman admitted he made a terrible mistake with Jason Todd and wondered about Batgirl and Robin. Robin pointed out Todd at least knew he would never abandon him. Batgirl added Jason Todd made his choice, like they did. Robin stated they weren't going anywhere. During the holidays, Robin and Batman observed Arnold Wesker from a nearby rooftop. Robin concluded he seemed okay. Batman still wanted to keep an eye on him since the holidays put undue stress on people who lived isolated lives and with Wesker still emotionally vulnerable, it would be a disastrous time for him to slip and for Scarface to reappear. Robin quipped he didn't want to know how he knew that. Batman and Robin learned Straightman broke into Arkham Asylum. Robin guessed he wanted one of Joker's toys from storage but Dr. Leland revealed he only stole the Scarface doll. They staked out Wesker's apartment.

Robin operated a drone but found no sign of Joker or Scarface, just Wesker drinking hot cocoa and wrapping a present. Batman couldn't believe it and realized he even looked happy. Robin quipped even crooks felt that way during the holidays. He sent the drone in after Wesker left and saw an invite to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's Christmas party at the Iceberg Lounge. He deduced Batman wasn't going to like it. He was correct. They perched on a roof near the Lounge. Robin reckoned Commissioner Gordon was gonna love his Christmas present, all the creeps in one place, practically gift wrapped. Batman wanted to hold off and infiltrate the party as Knute Brody, Gotham's most inept henchman, in order to stop Joker's plans. As Batman suspected, Joker showed up but his plans were thwarted by Knute's bumbling. Batman gave Robin the go-ahead to initiate the "diversion." Robin tipped off Gordon. He found Batman, still in the Knute costume, injured after being clubbed by Straightman.

Batman and Robin stormed Wesker's apartment but they were too late. Robin saw Wesker's present but couldn't believe Batman bought him socks. Batman assured him he was pressed for time. Batman found a Joker card on Wesker's Christmas tree. He mused it was going to get worse before it got better. On New Year's Eve, at 6:36 pm, Batman and Robin met with Commissioner Gordon on the GCPD roof. They learned none of the leads on the Joker panned out. Luckily, Pennyworth was able to identify Eileen Kwan from Batman's sketch and he accessed her customer records and located Ivy's hideout. At 9 pm, Harley returned to the hideout with the food and drinks they needed to celebrate with. She found Ivy tied up and Batman and Robin waiting. Ivy declared the party was stupid. Batman demanded the Joker's location but Harley insisted they were still broken up and she wanted nothing to do with him. Robin persisted she had to know something.

Harley declared he could sink in quicksand, fall in a tar pit, or rot in his Ha-Ha Hideaway. She stopped herself but Ivy quipped that was fast even for her. Batman and Robin stormed the Hideaway but it was already cleared out. Batman found an old subway ticket from the 55th Street Subway Station near Wesker's apartment and deduced he left them a clue without Scarface or Joker realizing it. After Joker set the explosives and betrayed and gassed Scarface and Wesker, he was ready to leave but Straightman pointed out Batman and Robin arrived. Robin went to save Wesker from being run over by the holiday express lane while Batman dealt with Joker and Straightman. Scarface was run over and reduced to pieces. Wesker blamed himself but Robin pointed out his clue helped them and Batman made him realize he defied Scarface for the first time and was something of a hero for saving everyone's lives at Gotham Center. They walked up to the surface. Wesker was amazed at all the people. Robin declared it was a new year. Batman added it was a new beginning. Wesker agreed.

Drake's costumed career was tainted, however. Some years later, after Dick Grayson had left Gotham for Bludhaven, Drake was patrolling as Robin alone, one night. He saved a woman from to thugs but it was actually a trap set by the Joker. Robin was taken to the ruins of the first Arkham Asylum and tortured for three weeks. After being systematically subjected to shock therapy and various serums, he eventually broke down. Drake dispensed entrusted secrets to the Joker. As part of his final joke, Joker molded Drake into a crude version of himself and planned on having Drake deliver the killing blow to Batman. However, Joker didn't completely succeed. In the final minutes, Drake broke through the brainwashing and killed the Joker instead of Batman. Dr. Leslie Thompkins was entrusted to rehabilitate Drake. After a year, he was cleared.

However, Batman felt responsible for what happened and forbade Drake from ever being Robin. Drake went on his own (maybe even serving full time on a super hero group of his own) and attempted several times to mend his relationship with Batman but it never fared well.

Eventually, Drake retired from the hero business bitterly. He moved on and put his technological skills to use and became a top level communications engineer. Drake also started a family of his own and settled in the suburbs of Gotham. Despite carving out a happy ending, Drake was still haunted from killing the Joker. It turned out that when he was kidnapped by the Joker, Drake was implanted with a microchip that encoded the Joker's DNA, with nanotechnology, into him. Over time, the Joker resurfaced and periodically assumed control of Drake's body. The second Batman, Terry McGinnis deduced Drake's connection and confronted the Joker. In the process, the microchip was destroyed and Joker was defeated once and for all.