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Real Identity: Barbara Gordon
Appearances (BTAS): I am the Night, Heart of Steel, Heart of Steel Part Two, Shadow of the Bat, Shadow of the Bat Part Two, Batgirl Returns, Subzero, Holiday Knights, Sins of the Father, Cold Comfort, You Scratch My Back, Double Talk, Joker's Millions, Mean Seasons, Over the Edge, Torch Song, Love is a Croc, The Ultimate Thrill, Critters, Old Wounds, Chemistry, Girls' Nite Out and Mystery of the Batwoman
Appearances (GG): Lapbat, Trick or Treat, More Than One Way, The Three Babes, Lady-X, Miss Uncongeniality, Strategery, Bat'ing Cleanup, Gotham Noir, Scout's Dishonor, I'm Batgirl, Ms'ing in Action, Gotham in Pink, Hear Me Roar, Gotham in Blue, A Cat in the Hand, Jailhouse Wreck, Honor Among Thieves, No, I'm Batgirl!!!, Signal Fires and Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Appearances (BB): Blackout, Heroes, Spellbound, A Touch of Curare, Splicers, Revenant, Babel, Eyewitness, Zeta, King's Ransom, Speak No Evil, Betrayal and Return of the Joker
Appearances (JL): The Savage Time Part One (Hypertime Version)
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1, Mentors Part 2, Red Son Rising Part 1, and Red Son Rising Part 3
Skills: Detective, hand to hand fighting and technological
Voiced By: Melissa Gilbert/ Mary Kay Bergman/ Tara Charendoff-Strong/ Stockard Channing/ Angie Harmon

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner, James Gordon. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 110 pounds. By 1995, she was attending college at Gotham State University and stayed at one of the dormitories. Her mailing address was 47 College Way, Gotham City New York 10023 and dormitory room's phone number was 212-555-0142. Her roommate was a blonde named Jenny and known physician was a Dr. McCullough. Barbara always found the time to return home between semesters. When her father was shot in a sting operation, Barbara remained at his side at Gotham General Hospital, for three days straight. She came face to face with the Commissioner's enemy, the Jazzman but Batman intervened and prevented him from killing the Commissioner.

Barbara Gordon was one of the few people to be initially suspicious of the renegade artificial intelligence, HARDAC's duplicants. Barbara was tipped off by the duplicant's limited speech responses and sudden emotional change. She used some of her basic level infiltration skills to break into Cybertron Industries, after a duplicant of Detective Harvey Bullock attacked her and Batman atop Gotham City Police Headquarters. Barbara then witnessed Batman confronts HARDAC and the remains of his army. She escorted the AI's targets, Karl Rossum, Harvey Bullock, James Gordon and Mayor Hill to safety via one of Rossum's secret elevators.

In a scheme orchestrated by Two-Face to implant an associate into Gotham Police, James Gordon as falsely implicated as a lackey of mob boss Rupert Thorne. The Gotham City Police Department organized a benefit to clear their Commissioner's name. Many felt Batman's presence was necessary to confirm the Commissioner's innocence. However, Batman refused the invite and went undercover to gather intelligence. Barbara Gordon recognized the need for Batman and donned a mock costume and made an appearance for the benefit attendees. The stakes escalated and Barbara created her own permanent alter-ego, Batgirl.

Batgirl encountered Robin (Dick Grayson) as he listened in on Gil Mason, Two-Face's lackey. Robin was initially hesitant and didn't desire Batgirl's involvement. She secretly followed Robin to Mason's rendezvous with Two-Face who was holding Bruce Wayne, disguised as Matches Malone. Batgirl botched the rescue and as a result, she, Robin and Batman were trapped in a flooding subway tunnel. Batman allowed her to escape first via grapple. But Batman and Robin had to find an alternative means of escape. The trio then confronted Two-Face and his gang at the Bayshore Wharf. Commissioner Gordon was rescued and Batgirl pursues a fleeing Mason. Mason discovered Batgirl's identity but was hurt in an explosion. Mason was in a coma and most likely, suffered short term memory loss from the trauma.

Barbara Gordon continued her college life but began to romanticize about her career as Batgirl. Barbara began to moonlight as Batgirl and encountered Catwoman. Catwoman claimed she was seeking to exonerate herself after a Gotham State University Museum heist implicated her. Robin dismissed her story but Batgirl was willing to investigate further. Batgirl accompanied Catwoman to the infamous Stacked Deck bar to find some answers. They 'recruited' the Chemist to analyze acid samples found at the scene of the theft. A bar fight and police chase followed but Catwoman managed to deduce Roland Dagget was the real thief. With some help from Robin, Dagget was re-arrested.

When Mr. Freeze's Artic sanctuary was disturbed, his wife, Nora was exposed and needed an organ transplant or she would die. Mr. Freeze forcibly enlisted an old colleague, Dr. Belson to find a donor. However, with Nora's rare blood type AB Negative, Belson hacked into the registry and searched for a living donor, which happened to be Barbara Gordon. While on a dinner date at Shaughnessy's on Madison Avenue with Dick Grayson, the 20 year old was kidnapped by Mr. Freeze. She was resilient and tried to escape. The instability of the abandoned oil derrick Freeze was using began to present itself. Batman and Robin arrived and saved Barbara, Koonak, and Nora.

Soon after, Barbara graduated college and accepted a job in the Gotham City Police Department as a systems and data analyst. As an indirect result, Barbara became privy to classified files, which aided her career as Batgirl. Her relationship progressed with Grayson just as Batman and Robin's worsened. Bruce Wayne attempted to rectify the strain by disclosing his and Grayson's secrets and inviting her to the team. Wayne had long deduced Barbara's secret. Unfortunately, this only furthered the divide. Grayson saw the move as purely manipulative and resigned after the trio stopped the Joker from using a GothSpace radar disrupter to blackmail Gotham City. Although Barbara Gordon's presence in the Batcave was sparse at the time, she shared Alfred Pennyworth's opinion that despite Bruce Wayne's best intentions, they thought Jason Todd's admittance to the Batcave was premature. Jason Todd's training sessions exhibited his amazing energy and skill levels but also his unfettered ferocity and anger.

For about three years, Barbara honed her skills under the tutelage of Batman and the two welcomed the addition of a second Robin as well as the return of Dick Grayson. In the that time, the four were together and Batgirl took on the likes of Clayface, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Ventriloquist & Scarface, Catwoman, the Joker, Killer Croc, Baby Doll, Firefly, Roxy Rocket, Scarecrow, Farmer Brown and Poison Ivy.

In one encounter, Batman, Robin and Batgirl set out to stop the Scarecrow. Among the fighting, Batgirl set out alone to stop Scarecrow. She was tricked and doused with the Scarecrow's fear toxin. Batgirl experienced a nightmare scenario in which she fell to her death. Commissioner Gordon declared war on Batman only to be forced to resign. Gordon released Bane in a last ditch effort to get revenge on Batman. Batgirl recovered shortly thereafter and sought to tell her father the truth. The Commissioner assured her everything was right between the two of them, maybe even inferring he already knew.

While the super villain, Livewire was being transported to GothCorp Labs, she managed to escape and teamed up with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Instead of Superman, Supergirl arrived in his place to help. Batgirl deduced a silicate dust bomb would ground Livewire's electrical powers but the bomb, itself, was too delicate. The three villains escaped and Batgirl and Supergirl followed a lead and grilled the Penguin for any information. He revealed a rumored hideout currently being occupied. Luckily, it was the right one and the three villains were defeated.

Batman, Robin, and Batgirl responded to Clayface's rampage at a downtown theater. Robin tried to wrangle an arm with rope but was unsuccessful. Batman threw a Batarang then dodged a counterattack. They surrounded Clayface but before they could close in, he split in half and bolted in opposite directions. Batgirl and Robin pursued one while Batman went after the other. Robin ran into Annie, who pleaded for his help. Batgirl tried to warn Robin but he became angry and threw a freezing capsule at her. She began to revert back to Clayface and took a jump kick from Robin. Robin declared that was for Annie. Clayface still fought back and wrapped a tendril arm around Robin's neck while swiping at Batgirl. Deathstroke leaped down and sliced Clayface's head in half with a sword coated with a fast-acting sedative. Deathstroke promised Clayface would wake up in six hours with nothing more than a bad headache. He helped Robin up to his feet. Batgirl thanked him. Batman arrived with the other half of Clayface frozen and over his shoulder. He already deduced he was Deathstroke based on a code name associated with a mercenary matching his description.

Deathstroke quipped he would be the first to advocate using a fear-inducing title then stated tonight, he could call him "friend" then bid them farewell. Sunny stole a Farmer Brown van and timed it to drive by as Deathstroke was saying his goodbyes to Batman. Deathstroke flipped towards the van. Robin commented "awesome." Batman and Batgirl stared at him. Batgirl later engaged Roxy Rocket in an aerial battle high above Midtown. It ended after she crashed into a Soder billboard. Batgirl tied her up and left her for the police. Roxy whined rockets cost money, too. Batgirl could have cared less and checked her hair. Batgirl found Deathstroke sitting on her Batcyle with his legs up on the handlebars. She told him to take his feet off. He commented it took a unique fighter to bring down a thrill-crazed maniac at two hundred miles per hour. Batgirl corrected him it was two hundred and fifty. She joked she didn't sign autographs. Sensing a lack of trust, Deathstroke took off his mask and revealed his face to her.

Batgirl commented the mask was only part of the mystery then asked him who he was. Deathstroke replied he was a man on a mission but it was "very hush-hush." Batgirl quipped half the inmates in Arkham Asylum said that. She was ready to leave. Deathstroke commended her and Robin, a testament to Batman's training, and without them the city would have rotted a long time ago. Batgirl sensed she was listening to a sales pitch. Deathstroke insisted he just meant there was a bigger theater for a woman of her talents and she could go far under his supervision. Batgirl stated she was doing just fine. Deathstroke questioned that and asked her if she was aware someone was watching her. Red Hood was surprised and bolted from his rooftop position. That morning, Barbara Gordon briefed Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, and Alfred Pennyworth about the encounter. Wayne commented men of Deathstroke's ilk were only visible only when they needed to be. Pennyworth added and only solicitous when they wanted something. Gordon stated she definitely felt like he was after someone. Wayne advised them to keep their distance from Deathstroke until he learned more.

Deathstroke returned to his warehouse hideout and started sparring with practice dummies using his gun and sword. Sunny inquired what Batgirl was like. Deathstroke thought she was headstrong, opinionated, and smart very much like her. Sunny shot a practice dummy then countered she thought not that much. She admitted she couldn't really get a sense of her from the window of a speeding van. Deathstroke promised they would meet soon enough then complimented her Clayface idea. The next day, Barbara Gordon went to Wayne Manor and found Tim Drake in the living room doing homework. She asked where everybody was. Drake replied there were "downstairs" but he wasn't invited. Gordon confirmed she heard he was grounded. Drake asked her how much she thought an international bounty hunter got paid. Gordon teased he was too young and speculated the CIA commissary was hiring bus boys. Drake was not amused and told her she had no idea what it's like. Gordon did in fact then headed to the Batcave. Pennyworth and Wayne examined satellite footage of their stalker. Wayne noted they lost him in the shadows. Gordon was surprised he jumped to escape detection since the next building was half a block away. Pennyworth speculated he could fly. Wayne looked at him. Pennyworth quipped they did that in Metropolis. Wayne pointed out the stalker was using an extra thin cable but to pull off the feat, he had to be an athlete of extraordinary strength.

Tim Drake stewed in the Batcave and called up Barbara Gordon to vent. She was shelving books at Gotham University Campus Library. Drake couldn't believe Batman cut off all contact after all these years. Gordon questioned "years." Drake clarified it had been almost a year since he became Robin. He asked again if Batman contacted her. Gordon told him she is working in the library and the only action she was getting was stamping due dates. She picked up a Historical Society book and noticed a slip of paper sticking out. She pulled it out and saw a handwritten note that read, "It's a Trap" Drake called out to her and asked her what was going on. Jason Todd left the library undetected. Drake and Gordon noticed the paper was stuck in a book about Old Gotham in a chapter about the building of the Tri-State Dam. Batgirl and Robin heard Deathstroke spill his plans and threw out rope around his arms then yanked him backwards. Robin remarked he thought Joker was a motor mouth.

Deathstroke sliced the ropes and lamented the development but proceeded to kill them, too. Batman reached for the packs on the Firefly costume and threw a jar at Deathstroke. He sliced it and accelerant spilled all over him. He lit on fire. Deathstroke pointed out his suit was kevlar and he was only succeeded in making him look more menacing. Batman pointed out his suit would also heat up and guessed it was already 10 degrees higher. Deathstroke swung into a vat and triggered an explosion. He tried to escape and strip off his suit but Batman threw a fire extinguisher at his head and knocked him out. He then sprayed the extinguisher on him to put out the flames. For the record, Robin stated he never thought Deathstroke was great. Batgirl ran an analysis on the note in the book but reported, other than her fingerprints, the paper was clean. Pennyworth asked how she figured out the Tri-State Dam was the target. Batgirl noted she put two and two together. Robin added "they" did. Batgirl pointed out this all meant their stalker knew her secret identity. Batman finished her sentence and confirmed that meant he knew everything, even what their opponents were doing. Batman wondered what he wanted and why he was playing a cat-and-mouse game with them.

Batman and Batgirl returned to the Batcave to find Pennyworth injured and Tim Drake missing. While Batman spoke to Leslie Thompkins over the phone about an encounter with Red Hood, Batgirl consoled Pennyworth. Batman abruptly ran to the Batmobile. Pennyworth deduced he knew Red Hood was starting to make his play and he needed to be out there. Batgirl went to the Batcycle. Pennyworth warned her whatever happened, it was not going to end well. Batgirl assured him she knew that and that's why she had to be there. After Red Hood kidnapped the Joker from the Iceberg Lounge, Batman inquired about Straightman while Batgirl looked around with her flashlight. Penguin was irate about his three million dollar chandelier and vowed to hang Red Hood in its place. Batman noted Red Hood didn't say where he was taking the Joker. Penguin was annoyed and answered he wasn't looking to prolong the visit. Batgirl noticed wet streaks and alerted Batman. She recalled the last time it rained in the city was last week.

Penguin recalled he got a clammy smell off Red Hood but dismissed it as bad hygiene. Batman realized Red Hood was using the sewer system to hide the whole time and took over Killer Croc's old lair. They went out the back door. He noticed Batgirl was unconscious on the Batcycle and found a dart in her back. From a storm drain, Red Hood claimed by tomorrow morning, she would be back to being as obnoxious as ever. He darted Batman with his last shot. Some time later, Batgirl came to and located the others. She blew up a manhole cover and lowered herself down and asked what she missed. A search was conducted in the harbor. Batgirl's two drones failed to locate Joker, Straightman, or Red Hood. Batman admitted he made a terrible mistake with Jason Todd and wondered about Batgirl and Robin. Robin pointed out Todd at least knew he would never abandon him. Batgirl added Jason Todd made his choice, like they did. Robin stated they weren't going anywhere.

Gordon returned to college out of state with limited action as Batgirl. She also began to openly flirt with Bruce Wayne, who avoided her advances at first. Years later, Batgirl joined Batman in a search for the missing Tim Drake. The two witnessed the unveiling of the Joker's experiments. Batgirl fought Harley Quinn. In the scuffle, Quinn's bazooka misfired and sent Batgirl and Quinn falling into a chasm. Batgirl attempted to save Quinn but failed. Batman and Robin had a falling out a year later. It was just Batgirl and Batman, a grand love affair in her opinion. Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon were publicly linked as lovers but Wayne would never admit he loved Gordon. Eventually, Batgirl retired.

Some time later, she ascended to the position of Police Commissioner and faced the same issues of organized crime and internal corruption. Gordon also married Sam Young, a lawyer, who later became Gotham's District Attorney. When a new Batman appeared, she quickly deduced who he was and warned Bruce Wayne of interfering in police affairs. Because of her bitter end, Gordon always held onto a fear that Batman, whoever he is, would betray her. Despite saving her husband on several occassions, Gordon was easily manipulated by Spellbinder into believing Batman killed. After being shown what was really going on, Gordon came to her senses and accepted Batman's presence.