Ventriloquist & Scarface

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Real Identity: Arnold Wesker
Appearances (BTAS): Read My Lips, Trial, Lock Up, Catwalk, Double Talk and Over The Edge
Appearances (JL/U): A Better World Part Two
Appearances (BTAC Comic): Red Son Rising Part 1 and Secret Santa
Skills: Strategy and Manipulation
Voiced By: George Dzundza

Arnold Wesker was an orphan. Wesker repressed his childhood trauma and slowly developed schizophrenia, a multiple personality disorder. As an adult, Wesker killed a man and was arrested. At Blackgate Penitentiary, Wesker met Donnegan, who proudly showed off his ventriloquist's dummy. It was then that Wesker's dominant, psychopathic personality shown through and he killed Donnegan for it. This personality later manifested in the doll and called itself "Scarface." Fashioning himself as a gangster, Scarface began to issue out orders to Wesker to commit crimes.

Wesker came to be known as the Ventriloquist. Together with Scarface, the duo became an oddity in Gotham City's underworld and organized timed heists that would net them large monetary gains in one fell swoop. They attacked non-traceable goods such as bonds and gold. Batman interfered and in the battle, Scarface was killed by a hail of bullets. Scarface merely bidded his time.

Often, when the chance presented itself and a new plan was formulated, Scarface would return and the Ventriloquist would carve a new body. Veronica Vreeland held an exhibit in memory of a late relative, that showed off stuffed trophies of endangered and extinct animals. Scarface knew that the heist would fail due to logistics. He recruited Selina Kyle into a partnership. Longing for a return to her life as Catwoman, Kyle agreed. While Kyle was framed, Scarface's men made off with the animals. He went ahead and began fencing them off to the highest bidder, including the Penguin. Catwoman and Batman arrived to clear the crime. Scarface was once again killed. Before Halloween, Scarface was defeated again. Robin, then Jason Todd, displayed questionable zeal in doling out punishment and ripped Scarface's head off while Batman collared Ventriloquist.

Wesker finally went through rehabilitation at Arkham Asylum and was cleared. He was given an apartment at Wayne Gardens Halfway House and got a new job as a mail clerk at Wayne Enterprises. Settling into his new life, Wesker encountered Rhino & Mugsy, Scarface's henchmen. Scarface, meanwhile, lay dormant waiting for the right time to pull another heist. Rhino & Mugsy prematurely awakened him. During the robbery, Scarface rewarded their insolence by leaving them to die. Wesker finally asserted himself and killed Scarface, hopefully once and for all.

When Scarface threatened Gotham City with 50 pounds of CX-8000 explosives, Commissioner Gordon tried to negotiate. Detective Bullock was present in Commissioner Gordon's office. Mayor Hill refused to negotiate with a puppet. Bullock told him to cool it on account it wasn't the Muppet Show. Gordon pointed out Scarface would blow himself up, too. Scarface assured him he had a helicopter coming for him and demanded to be paid. Batman and Robin intervened. Batman jumped from the Batwing into the blimp. While he fought Scarface's gang, the detonator was damaged. The Ventriloquist realized it was activated but it was so damaged he couldn't turn it off. The gang jumped out first. Batman was forced to flee with the Ventriloquist. As they fell to the waters below, Scarface was dropped. He called the Ventriloquist a butterfingered jabroni. Robin deployed the net and scooped them up. After Batman returned to GCPD headquarters with the Ventriloquist, Bullock interrogated him alone. Gordon, Batman, and Robin observed from the other side of the two way glass.

Bullock told Wesker he didn't want to be messed with and demanded to location of the other 50 pounds of CX-8000. Wesker insisted Scarface only told his henchman Sluggsy where to hide it. Bullock wasn't buying the dual personality act and grabbed him by the shirt. Wesker admitted Scarface made him wear earplugs when he told Sluggsy where to hide the explosives. Renee Montoya entered the room and revealed none of Scarface's gang survived but the doll was found. Bullock took Scarface out and made Wesker take it so they could get answers. Scarface assumed Wesker was snitching on him and clocked Bullock then smacked Wesker around. Batman removed Scarface and the interrogation ended. After Wesker proved to be a dead end, Gordon decided to canvas all of Scarface's known hideouts for the other half of the explosives. They were never found. During Arnold Wesker's rehabilitation, the Scarface doll was shown to him to help him see it was just a puppet made of wood and cloth. Wesker was never allowed to touch the doll. It was otherwise kept in storage.

Months later, amid the approach of the holiday season's first big winter storm, Arnold Wesker was discharged by Dr. Leland after he successfully rehabilitated due to him putting a lot of work into his therapy. Leland told him he only himself to thank and he was an inspiration. Wesker admitted he couldn't hear Scarface's voice anymore nor had any dreams about him like he never existed. He asked if he was gone for good and he didn't have to worry anymore. Leland told him Scarface was a thing of the past and all he had to remember was his mantra, meditation and medication. Arnold Wesker watched the Christmas Tree lighting at Gotham Plaza and thought it was beautiful and how life was meant to be. He admitted to himself he was maybe more than a little lonely but there was no more pressure, screaming, or horrors. He thought he saw Scarface in a store display and freaked out. He calmed down when he realized it was just a Santa's workshop display. He checked his watch and learned it was time for him to take his medication. The elves in the workshop screamed, "Dummy." Robin and Batman observed Wesker from a nearby rooftop. Robin concluded he seemed okay.

Batman still wanted to keep an eye on him since the holidays put undue stress on people who lived isolated lives and with Wesker still emotionally vulnerable, it would be a disastrous time for him to slip and for Scarface to reappear. After Joker hacked Harley's computer only to learn he wasn't invited to a Christmas party, he was beside himself. He shot the laptop. He noted even Arnold Wesker was invited. Straightman had no idea who that was. Joker suddenly got an idea and started laughing with glee. Straightman broke into Arkham Asylum and stole the Scarface doll. Batman and Robin staked out Wesker's apartment but the drone found no trace of Joker or Scarface. Robin confirmed Wesker was home alone drinking hot cocoa and wrapping a Christmas present. Batman couldn't believe it and was surprised he looked happy. Wesker went to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's party at the Iceberg Lounge. Harley gave him a peck then told him not to be so formal. Ivy remarked it was nice to see him without his "significant other." Wesker noted he finally accepted he was in a toxic relationship that didn't make him feel good about himself.

Harley took him over to the bar where Carpenter was. Wesker recalled she did amazing bullet repairs on Scarface. Carpenter told him there was no need to dig up the past. Batman suspected Joker would crash the party and try to reunite Scarface with Wesker. He posed as Gotham's worst henchman, Knute Brody, and then dressed up in a Santa Claus costume in order to infiltrate the party and prevent the reunion. Baby Doll went to the bar and ordered a Mai Tai and a booster seat. March Hare held the drink up high and asked her for identification. Baby Doll joked she should call her babysitter or her parole officer. Hare gave her the drink and toasted. Eileen Kwan, the one guest who wasn't a criminal, commented she looked a little too young for the party. Baby Doll retorted her face said she was five but her Driver's License said she was 32 then asked Kwan if she wanted to make something of it. Arnold Wesker stepped in and informed Baby Doll that he didn't think Kwan was one of "them."

Kwan commented it was the strangest holiday gathering she had ever been to in all her life. Wesker admitted it was a bit eccentric, like the guests. Wesker and Kwan struck up a conversation at the bar. "Knute" sabotaged Joker's plans and ended the party after remembering he saw the police pulling up. Ivy grabbed Kwan. Kwan yelled good bye to Wesker. He reciprocated. Knute escorted Arnold Wesker out Penguin's secret exit. Wesker was grateful for Knute's help since the police wouldn't look favorably on him associating with his old friends. Knute found a present with his name on it. They told each happy holidays and parted ways. Wesker opened his present on the way home and discovered Christmas-themed socks. He wondered if Ms. Kwan would want to get together with him for some pinocle. He played with one as a sock puppet he named Toesy. Wesker returned home to find Scarface, Joker, and Straightman waiting for him. Scarface felt two-timed and called him pathetic then demanded he lose his sock puppet. Joker helped himself to Wesker's food.

Straightman placed Scarface back with Wesker. Scarface admonished Wesker but was happy to learn Straightman spruced him up with lemon scented furniture polish. Scarface joked he might trade mooks with Joker. Wesker was uneasy about trusting Joker but Scarface pointed out Joker was the one who freed him. He led them to Santa Town, where the rest of the CX explosives were stored in the giant candy canes that adorned the big sign. Joker was delighted to learn he and Scarface had the same idea to blow up Gotham Center at midnight on New Year's Eve though he was unsure about Wesker. Scarface assured him Wesker was under his thumb. Wesker pointed out the police would be watching his apartment. Joker offered them the nightclub to stay at in the meantime. After laying low for a week, the villains went to the 55th Street Subway Station in a joker-styled railcar to plant the explosives and set it to detonate on New Year's. Wesker managed to defy Scarface and left an old subway ticket and two nickels on a table.

Joker relished in bringing a new year of dread early to thousands of losers at Gotham Center. After he set the five minute timer, Scarface asked about the ransom. Joker admitted he never called one in and gassed Wesker with his lapel flower. Just as Joker was ready to leave, Straightman pointed out Batman and Robin arrived. Robin went to save Wesker from being run over by the holiday express lane while Batman dealt with Joker and Straightman. Scarface was run over and reduced to pieces. Wesker blamed himself but Robin pointed out his clue helped them and Batman made him realize he defied Scarface for the first time and was something of a hero for saving everyone's lives at Gotham Center. They walked up to the surface. Wesker was amazed at all the people. Robin declared it was a new year. Batman added it was a new beginning. Wesker agreed.

In a parallel dimension, Scarface and the Ventriloquist's fate was a far different solution. When Superman began lobotimizing the world's supervillains, the Ventriloquist was spared. Instead, Scarface was. As a result, both were rendered docile.