Harley Quinn

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Real Identity: Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Appearances (BTAS): Joker's Favor, Almost Got 'Im, The Laughing Fish, Harley and Ivy, The Man Who Killed Batman, Trial, Harlequinade, Harley's Holiday, Lock Up, Holiday Knights, Joker's Millions, World's Finest, Over the Edge, Girls' Nite Out, Beware the Creeper and Mad Love
Appearances (GG): The Vault, Trick or Treat, More Than One Way, Pave Paradise, The Three Babes, The Gardener's Apprentice, Lady-X, Miss Un-Congeniality, Strategery, Baby Boom, Bat'ing Cleanup, Catsitter, Gotham Noir, Scout's Dishonor, I'm Batgirl, Ms'ing in Action, Gotham in Pink, Hear Me Roar, Gotham in Blue, A Cat in the Hand, Jailhouse Wreck, Honor Among Thieves, No, I'm Batgirl!!!, and Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Appearances (BB): Return of the Joker
Appearances (SS): Hard As Nails
Appearances (JL): Wild Cards Part One and Part Two
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Red Son Rising Part 1, Red Son Rising Part 2, and Secret Santa
Skills: Acrobatics and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Arleen Sorkin

Harleen Quinzel was a gymnastic prodigy and used her talent to get a sports scholarship to Gotham State University. However, Quinzel was set on obtaining a degree from GSU's prestigious Psychology Department. Despite her failing grades, Quinzel used her feminine charm to garner a doctorate degree.

Quinzel opted to intern at Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane under the supervision of Dr. Joan Leland. Leland quickly assumed that Quinzel planned to cash in as a pop psychologist and publish a tell all book on the Asylum's high profile inmates.

Things changed when the Joker manipulated her into beginning a series of sessions. It was in these sessions that the Joker began spinning heart crushing tales of being abused by his father and disguising himself as the victim. Quinzel became captivated to say the least, perhaps of her own choice to repress her desire for personal entertainment in turn to become a career oriented woman. Nonetheless, when the Joker was returned to Arkham after a showdown with Batman beaten, something snapped inside Quinzel. She donned a clown costume reminiscent of her new alter-ego, Harley Quinn, a classical literary character, Harlequin who represented frivolity. Harley Quinn busted the Joker out and she has been at his side ever since.

Harley Quinn is completely dedicated to the Joker, however the Joker's own egotistic drive to kill Batman is a barrier in itself that prevents any of her 'love' to be returned. If anything, Harley Quinn's presence humanizes the Joker and more or less keeps him in check. Harley's lack of humor jilts Joker enough for him to beat her and throw her onto the street. When Quinn commits crimes without the Joker, she teams up with Poison Ivy whom she formed a dysfunctional friendship with.

The Joker and Harley Quinn initiated their plan to capture the second Robin and set off a public break up at Amusement Mile under the guise of celebrating the anniversary of their first heist together. Harley pretended to be upset about the lack of romance and was further angered when Joker presented her with a Beppo doll to snuggle with. She remarked she got more affection from deworming Bud and Lou and declared they were done then stormed off. Joker yelled she would come crawling back like always. Joker was about to set off for the whack-a-mole when Harley returned atop a bulldozer. Joker was forced to jump off the wharf. Harley then went about destroying every place the couple ever went to together in hopes of luring Robin out. She was attacked before she would blow up Nate-mans with a crate of dynamite. She swung her mallet and called him a boy scout. Robin was amused by her ignorance and drop kicked her then gave her a backhand. He teased they wanted the same thing, to get rid of the Joker.

Robin demanded his location and he promised her she would only end up in the emergency room. Joker sneaked up on Robin and used his electric joy buzzer. Joker presented a bouquet of flowers to Harley as Robin collapsed. Harley was touched. Joker decided the flowers were more fitting for Robin and threw them on his body as he passed out. Robin was taken to a warehouse near a lighthouse and tied to a wooden board affixed to a clown themed parade float. Joker claimed he wanted a cheerful environment for their play date. He noted how busy but unhappy Robin had been lately. Robin retorted he would feel better when his hands were around Joker's neck. Joker pointed out his pent-up hostility and concluded he was obviously in need of help. Harley Quinn, wearing a lab coat, announced the doctor was in, insane and bent down to look at Robin. Robin promised her she was dead. She hopped off and concluded he had violent psychotic tendencies due to a history of acting out destructive power fantasies which were no doubt the effect of a very toxic home environment. Joker concurred.

Harley thought it was Batman's obsession with building a vigilante dynasty that drove him to make anyone a so-called Robin, even an unhinged maniac like the current one. Joker was in complete agreement with her diagnosis. One of the goons handed Joker a crowbar. He concluded they were faced with a case of self-preservation and cited what Robin did to Penguin, Clock King, and Killer Croc just recently. He proclaimed to have the cure then proceeded to beat and bludgeon Robin to death with his crowbar. Harley eventually interceded. Joker acknowledged he was being selfish and offered her the crowbar. Harley noted roughing up Robin was one thing but killing him was another. Joker was annoyed she thought they were going to let him go after giving Robin a love tap. He pointed out Robin wouldn't stop his reign of terror until every villain was dead so he was practically begging for the beating. She wouldn't comply so Joker ordered her to be removed. Two goons carried her outside. Batman was already on the roof and pounced on them. Harley volunteered to help Batman stop the Joker but he elected to leave her handcuffed outside. She later made a confession about Robin's kidnapping.

Before the finale of the Red Hood incident, Harley Quinn suggested to Joker they should see other people then applied her mallet to his forehead. She went to live with Poison Ivy. During the holidays, after another break out, Harley and Ivy stuck together. Harley soon got bored and shot ornaments off her fake Christmas Tree. After the sixth successful shot in a row, Ivy asked if she was watching "Thin Man" again. Harley clarified it was the 50's movie "Annie Get Your Gun" and mused Betty Hutton would be perfect to play her on screen. Ivy informed her she was a little too late with that casting. Harley declared she was bored. She wanted to go out, see people, and shop. Ivy reminded her they tried that already and ended up back in Arkham thanks to Batman. Harley promised this year would be different and she wanted to spread some cheer and throw a little get together. Ivy stressed no parties. Harley insisted they would invite their friends. Ivy didn't understand at first but deduced she meant the other costumed criminals. She still said no to the idea.

Harley begged and promised their would be chocolate Santas, razzleberry punch, and peppermint bark. Ivy told her to zip it. Harley bemoaned it felt like they traded one prison for another but with more humidity and even Joker would throw a party, even though he'd likely try to kill everyone. Ivy relented. Harley jumped into her arms. Ivy dropped her and stated two conditions: the party had to be held somewhere else and no ex-boyfriends were invited. Harley promised and reminded her she and Joker were still broken up. She looked out the window and saw the Gotham Plaza Christmas Tree was just lit and took it as a sign they were meant to throw the party. She brandished a mistletoe and kissed Ivy to her chagrin. Harley worked out a side deal with Carpenter to rent the Iceberg Lounge out for the party. Harley greeted Arnold Wesker first and gave him a peck on the cheek then told him not to be so formal. Harley took him over to the bar and they talked to Carpenter and March Hare.

After teasing Harley about only liking her sometimes, Ivy admitted she was right about the party and did something meaningful by giving them all a place to be for the holidays. Harley just didn't want anyone to be alone. Joker and Straightman crashed the party. After Harley screamed at Joker to leave, Joker claimed he only came bearing naught but goodwill and a present for their gift exchange. Harley assumed the present was going to blow up. She paused and wished Straightman a Merry Christmas. Straightman wished her a Happy Hanukkah. Batman infiltrated the party as Knute Brody, Gotham's most inept henchman, dressed as Santa Claus. He thwarted Joker's efforts to return Scarface to Wesker then "remembered" he saw the police coming. The party came to an abrupt end. Harley wished everyone a good night. On New Year's Eve, at 9 pm, Harley returned to the hideout with the food and drinks they needed to celebrate with. She found Ivy tied up and Batman and Robin waiting. Ivy declared the party was stupid. Batman demanded the Joker's location but Harley insisted they were still broken up and she wanted nothing to do with him. Robin persisted she had to know something. Harley declared he could sink in quicksand, fall in a tar pit, or rot in his Ha-Ha Hideaway. She stopped herself but Ivy quipped that was fast even for her.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy planned to steal an upcoming federal gold transport but needed extra muscle. They set up a fake Bang Baby outreach, to lure in a metahuman having trouble with their power. In order to mask her identity, Quinn posed as Thalia, the Greek muse of comedy. Allie Langford, their victim, sided with Batman and Static then willingly spared their lives after being reasoned with.

When the Joker briefly held Las Vegas in a state of panic with several high explosives, prompting the Justice League to intervene, Harley Quinn was charged with reporting on the League's progress and their encounters with the Royal Flush Gang. However, Batman managed to convince Harley that she was a patsy and that the Joker only cared about Ace. Batman followed Harley's trail straight to the Joker. After knocking her aside, the Joker and Batman fought once again.

Years later, Harley Quinn aided the Joker in the torture and brainwashing of Tim Drake, the second Robin. Batgirl faced off against Quinn who saw little severity in the steps taken by the Joker. Harley fell to her apparent death. However, she survived, permanently injured. With the Joker dead, she started a new life. Unfortunately, fate is not without some irony. Harley's twin grand-daughters became members of the Jokerz, costumed delinquents that terrorize Gothamites with their gag weapons, under the moniker of Dee Dee.