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Real Identity: Garfield Lynns
Appearances (BTAS): Torch Song and Legends of the Dark Knight
Appearances (JL): Only a Dream Part One
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1 (Lynns and Sunny) and Mentors Part 2 (Sunny)
Skills: Inventions, Death Traps and Pyromania
Voiced By: Mark Rolston

Garfield Lynns was a special effects and pyrotechnic expert that worked on the road with the pop music artist, Cassidy. Lynns nursed a love for Cassidy. Her flirtatious behavior only fueled Lynn's obsession. After a date or so, Cassidy and Lynn's relationship became strained. Cassidy then finally decided to lay off Lynn after she opened for Gotham's Rock City nightclub. Lynns overrode the pyrotechnic displays and fled the scene. In secret, Lynns worked on an insulated battle suit capable of flight and took the name, Firefly. He used his cache of flash caps, napalm accelerators and smoke bombs, as well as a rig that generates a blade-like flame. Intent on fleeing Gotham with Cassidy, Firefly decided to use an experimental gel, of his creation. The gel was capable of burning through anything and he planned to flood it into the sewers and burn all of Gotham in one swoop. However, Batman intervened and stopped Firefly.

Soon after, Firefly, out of prison, began to contract out as an arsonist for hire in Gotham. After the fire was set, his clients would commit insurance fraud and profit heavily. The local newspapers documented them as 'mystery arsons' and caught the attention of three young children who mistook the shadowy figure in the picture as Batman. The children followed Firefly to one of Gotham's theatres and witnessed Batman's arrival. He saved the children and stopped Firefly again. Firefly took a job in Zurich but things went wrong and a vault he rigged prematurely exploded, and Firefly escaped. The invalid Firefly recuperated under the care of Kobra. Deathstroke was hired by Lex Luthor to kill Batman. With some knowledge of the Zurich incident, he composed a cover story that he was hired to hunt down Firefly before he caused a 9/11 level event in Gotham City and a sufficient story that the Zurich job left him scarred on his face. He became deadlier and crazier than ever, rebuilding his suit to be stronger than before and with new functions thanks to the terrorist organization Kobra. He also developed an insect obsession and went to target cities early to steal exotic bugs from local zoos and museums. Deathstroke then claimed he came to Gotham for a job and broke into the Gotham Natural History Museum's Entomology Pavilion.

As Deathstroke anticipated, he was followed in by Robin. Posing as Firefly, Deathstroke's partner Sunny unleashed Asian Giant Hornets on them and waited. After the hornets were neutralized, Firefly opened fire on them. Firefly speculated Interpol was so afraid of him they hired Deathstroke to snuff him out. Robin threw a Batarang but it bounced off his helmet. Firefly wasn't keen on "take your kids to work" day but Deathstroke leaped and knocked the fire gun away with his sword. Robin thought he was finished without it. Deathstroke warned there was more to it. Firefly asked him to let the kid learn for himself. Firefly's mask revealed a mouth and he unleashed a wave of flames. Firefly unleashed attack after attack. Deathstroke and Robin dodged and jumped away. While Firefly focused on Robin, Deathstroke leaped from the top of a dinosaur and connected with a diving kick. He warned Firefly it was a reminder he was still around. Firefly landed on the back of a Triceratops then quipped he was clearing the field first. Robin was surrounded by flames and started having issues breathing. Deathstroke carried him in his arms and leaped to safety.

Robin wondered why the sprinklers never activated. Deathstroke deduced Firefly disabled them and decided to confront him alone. Firefly realized Deathstroke was wearing a kevlar suit and raised the intensity of the flames. Deathstroke claimed to have a Hephaestus sword to withstand the attacks. The sprinklers suddenly turned on. Batman swung in and kicked Firefly from behind. Deathstroke observed and realized the steam created from the water would inhibit Firefly's vision and combined with Batman using infrared filters on his cowl, he had the upper hand. Batman decked Firefly enough to break the right eye glass. Firefly vowed Batman would burn next time then blew open an exit. Robin, Batman, and Deathstroke ran out into the street but Firefly was gone. Robin wanted to continue but Batman ordered him to go home immediately. Deathstroke mused he should have stopped Robin from joining him. After a brief interrogation, Batman told Deathstroke to inform him of Firefly's location.

Deathstroke and Batman arrived at the Tri-State Dam and found an explosive charge. Deathstroke fed him the cover story that Firefly planned to take down the entire eastern seaboard. He readied his sai to disable the bomb while Batman went inside. Batman was already skeptical they were facing the real Firefly because he already noticed his movies were different and erratic, his voice lacked Lynns' moody, psychotic edge and he was wearing three inch lifts in his boots when he should be taller than him. Firefly appeared and fired at Batman. Batman jumped off the walkway, turned, and threw a freeze capsule at him. Firefly plummeted and knocked out on the floor. Batman removed the mask and confirmed his suspicions. He has no idea who Sunny was but estimated she couldn't be over 20. Batman used a pack on the suit to douse Deathstroke in accelerent and facilitate his defeat.

Some years later, due to prison overcrowding issues at Stonegate Penitentiary, the real Firefly was transferred to Stryker's in Metropolis. A prison riot soon after, allowed several super villains to escape. Firefly was paired with Volcana, with whom he shared a casual interest in. The super villains caught the attention of the Justice League. Batman and Green Lantern John Stewart arrived to confront the pair as Volcana attacked a Metropolis Special Crimes Unit detachment. Stewart trapped Firefly and Volcana in a ring construct in an effort to render their namesakes useless. However, both fought anyways and exhausted the trapped oxygen. Firefly and the rest of the super villains were recaptured and returned to Stryker's.