Thomas and Martha Wayne

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Real Identity: Thomas and Martha Wayne
Affiliations: Wayne Enterprises
Appearances: Son of Batman (Thomas only), Batman vs Robin, and Batman: Bad Blood (Hallucination)
Powers/Skills: Surgery and Business
Voiced By: Kevin Conroy

Thomas and Martha Wayne are the late father and mother of Bruce Wayne. Thomas used to take his son to ball games at the Gotham Coliseum. Sometimes, after the game, they would go to the amusement park on the grounds. One night, while tucking Bruce into bed, Thomas recited the Court of Owls nursery rhyme. Bruce became afraid and asked if they were real. Thomas chuckled and reassured him a secret society of rich and powerful men who ruled the city from the shadows was just a story. Thomas declared even if they were real, he and Martha would always be there to protec him. Thomas and Martha were soon gunned down in front of their son by a petty criminal named Joe Chill in Crime Alley, putting Bruce on the path to becoming Batman. That night, Bruce observed an owl flying over them and suspected the Court of Owls were behind his parents' deaths. However, he found no evidence. Alfred Pennyworth dissuaded him from continuing to find meaning in their deaths and accept that sometimes, terrible things just happen.