Perry White

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Real Identity: Perry White
Affiliations: Daily Planet
Appearances (Movies): The Death of Superman
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Five Proof: Pitch, Chapter Six Proof: Shots, and Chapter Eight Proof: Focus!
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Rocky Carroll

Perry White is the managing editor of the Daily Planet. Perry White ran to the bullpen and congratulated Jimmy Olsen about one of his photographs making it to page one on the latest edition. Olsen was amazed it was above the fold and asked about the chance of getting a raise because his rent was increased. White advised him to get more experience and more to offer then the executives upstairs would consider it. Another employee, Greta, interrupted them with news of the kidnapping of the Mayor by Intergang. Lois Lane was busy covering the dock fire and Clark Kent was suddenly absent from his desk. White had no choice and dispatched Olsen alone to City Hall to take photographs and gather information. Upon returning to the Planet, Olsen tried to pitch a story focused on the Apokoliptian tech Intergang used but White decided to have Lane write it. Not satisfied with sharing a byline, Olsen fumed as he printed his photographs. He noticed an Ace O'Clubs matchbook on the pavement by Intergang and suspected a connection. He ran to White's office and pitched again.

Perry White shot down the pitch because of flimsy evidence. He pointed out Bibbowski or anybody could have dropped the matchbook. White noticed Kent and asked him where he was. Before Kent could answer, White told Olsen to talk to him. He suggested talking to Lane or Kent about following up. White later got a call from Olsen and several camera phone photos of Batman, Apokoliptian weapons, and Doomsday. White told them they were blurry but Olsen explained he didn't have his camera and tried to explain there was a monster attacking the city. A WGBS News broadcast came up on TV. White reassigned Olsen to cover the battle between the monster and the Justice League. He asked the bullpen where Lane was and learned she was out on lunch. He dispatched a helicopter to Olsen with his camera aboard and told him to pick up Lane. He promised the raise if he succeeded.