The Thirteenth Blacksmith

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Seven and and Chapter Eight)
Powers/Skills: Forging
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Thirteenth Blacksmith was a Bostonian commissioned by Vandal Savage to work on his Amaurex Key. He was blindfolded and taken on an ocean voyage. Several weeks later, he was taken to a city where French was spoken and led down underground into a chamber. He engraved patterns into the key shown to him from ancient scrolls. When he was done, Savage paid him and returned him home to Boston. The next day, Savage killed him and laid his body to rest at Granary Burial Grounds to prevent his ghost from haunting him. Centuries later, Amanda Waller sought the key. She hired Jason Blood to help her. He found a lead and had her meet him at Granary at twilight. She arrived on time with her Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn sighted the ghost of the blacksmith with one of Blood's Spectral Lens but Gentleman Ghost was bound to safeguard the bearer of the key and proceeded to kill them all.

Deadman, a guide contracted by Blood, eventually arrived and dispatched Gentleman Ghost. Without his influence, the other ghosts in the yard could go about their obsessions. Harley sighted the blacksmith sinking back down into his grave. Deadman pulled him back out by his head and asked what they needed from him. Blood mentioned the Amaurex Key. The blacksmith told them about his part in finishing the key then returned to his grave.