Lieutenant Turpin

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Real Identity: Lieutenant Turpin
Affiliations: Metropolis Police Department
Appearances (Movies): The Death of Superman
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Five Proof: Pitch
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Rick Pasqualone

Lieutenant Turpin is a star officer with the Metropolis Police Department and is partnered with Detective Sawyer. After the battle was over between Superman and Intergang at City Hall, Jimmy Olsen recognized Detective Sawyer and Lieutenant Turpin as they escorted the criminals into the paddywagon. He used Bibbo Bibbowski and Superman's photo op as an opening and jumped the police barrier then offered to take the photo. Bibbowski thanked Olsen and told him to come by Ace O'Clubs with the photo and he'd give him free ribs. Olsen tried to make his way to the police but the Flash and Cyborg arrived. Justice League photos were always good to have on file so Olsen snapped away. He overhead them speculating Intergang had Apokoliptian tech left from Darkseid's invasion. He finally approached Sawyer and Turpin. To his chagrin they asked where Lois Lane was. Olsen inquired about the weapons. Turpin admitted they were way advanced and better armed than the police. Olsen followed up asking why they wanted the Mayor. Sawyer shared their demand to trade him for Intergang prisoners. She was skeptical but informed him they would release an official press briefing when they knew more.