Steve and Gloria

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Real Identity: Steve and Gloria
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Brian T. Delaney

Steve didn't have the best of childhoods, from wetting his palnts in front of his elementary class to his father abusing him with a belt. Steve married a woman named Gloria and they had a son and daughter. Steve, however, became an alcoholic and yelled at Gloria time to time. One morning, Steve became one of the victims of Destiny before he rematerialized on the earthly plane. While he sat in his kitchen, Steve was infected with madness. Steve was overcome with paranoia and thought monsters were killing his neighbors. In reality, he was seeing monsters in place of his neighbors. One by one, Steve kidnapped a neighbor, killed them and hid the body in his shed. He soon confronted his own wife and two children with a shotgun in their kitchen. Gloria tried to plead with Steve but all he could see was a red three eyed mass instead of his family. Steven yelled they weren't his family and it killed them like the others. Steve took aim but Superman burst through the roof and shielded the family.

Superman grabbed the shotgun, bent it and threw it away. He declared no one was dying that night. Steve insisted it was the monsters he should be stopping. A tactical team stormed the house and surrounded him. As they cuffed Steve, he pleaded with Superman to look. Superman turned and saw Gloria and the children huddled together in fear. Steve revealed it was the same like with the neighbors and told them to look in his shed to prove he was right. Superman used his heat vision to open the shed's door. He saw a pool of blood, two hanging bodies, one body under a sheet, and many bodies wrapped up and arranged along the wall. Superman was naturally horrified. Steve was taken to Metropolis Health Center and placed in their psych ward. At some point, he was strapped down. Batman, Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman sneaked into the center to see Steve. Constantine placed the Keshanti Key on Steve's forehead and opened a dimensional accessway into his memories. He planned to look around and see what caused the supernatural epidemic. A nurse walked in on them and threatened to call security but Deadman possessed her and opted to make sure no one else disturbed them.

After some debate, Zatanna went with Constantine into Steve's memories. Zatanna felt darkness seeping into her but COnstantine reminded her it was all about control. Constantine wasn't surprised by the quality of memories but Zatanna observed there was joy, too, but his madness swept it away. Destiny possessed Felix Faust and summoned a Golem to kill off Steve. Constantine and Zatanna found the right memory and observed a shadowy cloaked figure wearing a gold ring reaching into Steve's head and infecting him. Batman held off the Golem with the sprinkler system and a crash cart while Deadman possessed an orderly and returned. He threw Steve over his shoulder and tried to flee but the Golem grabbed Steve off him. It entered a room and locked it. As it atomized Steve's body, Constantine and Zatanna recovered a shard of the memory and barely escaped in time. Zatanna incanted and discorporated the Golem.