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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter One [illusion], Chapter Two [illusion], Chapter Five [illusion], Chapter Six [illusion], Chapter Seven [illusion], Chapter Nine [illusion], Chapter Eleven [illusion], and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Flight, Teleportation, Materialization, and Shape Shifting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Spectre is a powerful avenging spirit who seeks the very wicked. It does not trust justice beyond the veil -- it demands to see the guilty suffer. It is said when a person sees the Spectre, their final days draw close. In the present, Jason Blood tricked Amanda Waller into thinking it was following her after she learned she had a terminal condition. She believed by chance, the good that resulted from her dubious government work tipped the scales and held Spectre at bay. While in New Orleans, it briefly appeared on Waller's car. During a session with Jason Blood, Waller discovered what it was after Madame Xanadu touched her face. Blood was surprised it was taking so long to take Waller's soul but Xanadu deduced Waller's activities was the reason. Blood informed her the Get Out of Hell Free Card would not have worked even if it was unredeemed. He mused Spectre would have made her lose it then remembered the Amaurex Key, a similar relic. The Spectre hid in a giant rain puddle as Waller left. The next day, it briefly appeared among the shadows cast on a wall in the training yard of Belle Reve Penitentiary. Waller saw it and became distracted as she addressed the new Suicide Squad she assembled.

After the new squad's rescue mission on Recovery completed, Spectre's face appeared on a mass of clouds swirling in the sky. Waller and the squad returned to New Orleans and found a message left behind by Jason Blood. The Spectre interrupted Blood's message and told Waller her time was coming and the good she achieved didn't balance her dark deeds so she was doomed to suffer an eternity at the hands of the countless she wronged. Harley re-entered the parolor to brief Waller but found her curled up on the floor. In Boston, Waller saw Spectre on the surface of a river as she and the squad made their way to the Granary Burial Grounds. During a flight to Paris, Spectre appeared in the clouds near Waller's jet. During the battle against Solomon Grundy in Maurepas Swamp, the Spectre reached through the trees and told Waller it was too late and her time on Earth was over. Waller tripped and finally realized it was a sham. The illusion only spoke when Blood was nearby. Once Gentleman Ghost, Solomon Grundy, and Jason Blood were dealt with, the key was kept by Savage as insurance, and everyone headed out. Deadshot felt like something else was still out there waiting. Unbeknowst to them, the real Spectre observed them from afar.