Silas Stone

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Real Identity: Dr. Silas Stone
Affiliations: S.T.A.R. Labs
Appearances: Justice League: War
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Biology and Cybernetics
Voiced By: Rocky Carroll

Silas Stone is a specialist in the fields of Synthetic Biology and Technical Cybernetics. He was recruited to S.T.A.R. Labs and signed on as Project Director of the Red Room, a high clearance facility in the Metropolis branch dedicated to collecting and analyzing foreign, extraterrestrial, and sentient technologies deemed too dangerous to share with the world. After the death of his wife, Stone promised her he would protect their son, Victor. However, he became obsessed with his work after the dawn of super-humans often neglecting to take any personal time with his son. He fervently studied, logged, taken apart, and rebuilt almost every technology confined within the Red Room.

Victor Stone had enough when Dr. Stone failed to show up for the high school football state finals. Amid new activity from the Mother Box, the Stones got into an argument. Dr. Stone held up his promise to pay for college and his son's talent in football was obsolete compared to the super-humans emerging. Dr. Stone looked in horror as his son grabbed the Mother Box and was caught in a back wash of radiation as a Boom Tube formed. Together with his intern Sarah Charles and co-worker Thomas Morrow, Stone made a break for the Red Room with his ailing son. Stone ignored any protocol or risk and initiated a Promethium skin graft coupled with a series of nanite injections. Victor flatlined. As Stone wallowed in his failure, Victor's vitals came back online. Stone tried to explain what happened but Victor was in a rage he had been turned into just another experiment. Dr. Stone finally admitted he was proud of his son after he helped save the world against Darkseid. He attended the U.S. Capitol building ceremony honoring the seven who saved the world.

Cyborg distanced himself from Dr. Stone and ignored contact with him. Cyborg even became obsessed with work like Stone. Stone and Charles designed environmental upgrades for Cyborg and replaced his last lung. After the surgery, Dr. Stone tried to call Cyborg but was ignored.