Kevin Smith

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Real Identity: Kevin Smith
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Writing, Directing, Producing, Acting, and Hosting
Voiced By: Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a famous pop culture media personality involved in producing, acting, writing, and directing movies and television series. After the Teen Titans raided the personal lab of a H.I.V.E. scientist, Beast Boy learned he was invited to be on Kevin Smith's podcast at Metro-Con the next day. Beast Boy went to the correct ballroom at the convention but it was empty. Desite Nightwing and Starfire's warning to be extra vigilant, Beast Boy sat at the front table and pressed a big red button marked "Do Not Press!" He pushed the button and was knocked out by darts released through a microphone rigged by Deathstroke. Some time after Brother Blood was defeated, Beast Boy was a guest on Smith's podcast. Smith started off asking how one became a Teen Titan and if it involved an audition or video submissions. Smith noted he was working out and wanted in. Beast Boy answered the most important thing to being a Titan was to have a strong sense of family but an outgoing personality and power didn't hurt either.

Smith replied his power to shapeshift was beyond cool. Beast Boy thanked him but explained it was really about them helping each other grow. Smith continued and, despite knowing not to ask, he addressed rumors of a new girl on their team. Beast Boy only commented she was a "wonderful" addition to the team and insisted Starfire would kill him if he said anything else. Smith was sure there was no way Starfire was listening to the podcast and joked she was brushing her hair. Beast Boy stated his lips were sealed then turned into a seal. Smith asked if she was a replacement for Terra, amid all the rumors circulating. Beast Boy became less talkative. Smith realized it was too soon and rescinded the question but Beast Boy decided to make a statement about Terra. He talked about how some people were handed a rough life and some never could rise above the pain of it. He concluded that Terra showed her true self when the chips were down and was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.