Alberto and Bianca Reyes

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Real Identity: Alberto and Bianca Reyes
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: David Zayas and Maria Canals-Barrera

Alberto and Bianca Reyes are the parents of Jaime and Milagro Reyes. Two years after he joined the Teen Titans, Jaime Reyes video conferenced with his family from the Titans Tower. Milagro Reyes thanked him for the gift cards to 17 Forever then left their parents to talk to him. His mother asked him if he was eating enough and his father awkwardly asked how things were going. The Scarab chirped at him. He assumed it still didn't like him. Jaime Reyes assured him it was getting better. She didn't want to talk about it but he pointed out how long it was since they saw their son in person. Jaime Reyes reminded them it was hard but he was working on controlling it even though it had a mind of its own. His father noted its temper. She tried to calm him but he let loose and wondered why someone like Superman didn't just pry the Scarab off. She reminded him he was supposed to calm down and they agreed not every conversation was going to end on the Scarab. She noticed Aunt Consuela took the cake out and chased after her.

His father apologized and admitted he missed him then signed off. In his search for a way to get the Scarab more comfortable around humans, Reyes volunteered at Gabrielle's Horn after he remembered his parents volunteered at one in his home town. After Brother Blood's defeat, Beast Boy made arrangements to bring Reyes' family to him. They reunited in Gabrielle's Horn. Jaime Reyes hugged Milagro first, then his mother. His father scratched the back of his head. Reyes hugged his father.