Bryce Peterson

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Real Identity: Bryce Peterson
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By:

Bryce Peterson was a reporter who was the last to interview Brother Blood. Blood denied accusations placed on his Church of Blood and stated it was a holy place and they strived only to do good. Peterson wanted Blood to level with him and asked if the church was just a glorified cult. Blood replied he believed in an America where all beliefs should be treated with respect and found it a shame the press didn't. He removed his mike and walked out on the interview. Peterson signed off. Peterson was strung up and bled out to supply the latest Bloodpit, the method in which Brother Blood remained an immortal for 900 years. Mother Mayhem reported a third base was destroyed by the Teen Titans and noticed Peterson. Blood noted he wouldn't be asking impertinent questions anymore. Mayhem retorted Peterson's heresy didn't compare to the Titans' threat. Around the same time, Nightwing accessed Peterson's interview while he transferred the data confiscated from the latest H.I.V.E. raid.