Jimmy Olsen

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Real Identity: James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen
Affiliations: Daily Planet
Appearances (Movies): Justice League: War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Batman: Bad Blood, and The Death of Superman
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Five Proof: Pitch, Chapter Six Proof: Shots, Chapter Seven Proof: Into The Fire, Chapter Eight Proof: Focus!, Chapter Nine The Wake: Picking Up the Pieces, and Chapter Twelve The Wake: Show Me!
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Patrick Cavanaugh and Max Mittleman

Jimmy Olsen is a photographer. He accompanied Lois Lane to the U.S. Capitol building ceremony honoring the seven super-humans who saved the world from Darkseid. During the Atlantean invasion, Olsen and Lane observed the battle between the U.S. Army and Atlanteans. While Olsen took photographs, the Atlanteans took notice. Luckily, they were saved by Wonder Woman. While in shock, Olsen managed to snap a photo of Wonder Woman in action. Olsen was assigned to cover the World Tech Summit in Gotham City. When cracks in the West River Bridge opened up, Olsen was assigned to take pictures by Perry White. He mentioned it to Clark Kent on his way out.

Perry White ran to the bullpen and congratulated Jimmy Olsen about one of his photographs making it to page one on the latest edition. Olsen was amazed it was above the fold and asked about the chance of getting a raise because his rent was increased. White advised him to get more experience and more to offer then the executives upstairs would consider it since everyone was an amateur photographer with their cellphones. Another employee, Greta, interrupted them with news of the kidnapping of the Mayor by Intergang. Lois Lane was busy covering the dock fire and Clark Kent was suddenly absent from his desk. White had no choice and dispatched Olsen alone to City Hall to take photographs and gather information. Olsen took the subway and made it to the plaza outside City Hall just in time to take photos of Superman fighting Intergang. After the battle was over, Olsen recognized Detective Sawyer and Lieutenant Turpin but a lot of civilians gathered to gawk at the commotion. Bibbo Bibbowski struck up a conversation with Superman and asked to take a picture with him for his new bar and grill, Ace O'Clubs.

Olsen saw his chance. He jumped the police barrier and offered to take the photo. Bibbowski thanked Olsen and told him to come by Ace O'Clubs with the photo and he'd give him free ribs. Olsen tried to make his way to the police but the Flash and Cyborg arrived. Justice League photos were always good to have on file so Olsen snapped away. He overhead them speculating Intergang had Apokoliptian tech left from Darkseid's invasion. He finally approached Sawyer and Turpin. To his chagrin they asked where Lois Lane was. Olsen inquired about the weapons. Turpin admitted they were way advanced and better armed than the police. Olsen followed up asking why they wanted the Mayor. Sawyer shared their demand to trade him for Intergang prisoners. She was skeptical. While waiting for the subway, Olsen recalled Lane always paid attention to the details. The Apokoliptian tech felt off to him and he tried to pitch it to White. White decided to have Lane write it and share the byline with Olsen. Olsen fumed as he printed out his photographs.

Olsen wasn't satisfied with just taking photographs anymore and wanted to cover the story himself. He looked over the photos on his computer and noticed an Ace O'Clubs matchbook on the pavement near the tied up Intergang members. He didn't think Bibbowski was involved but the connection to Ace O'Clubs was what he was looking for. He ran to White's office and pitched again. White shot down the pitch because of flimsy evidence. He pointed out Bibbowski or anybody could have dropped the matchbook. He suggested talking to Lois Lane or Clark Kent about following up. Kent tried to talk to him but Olsen was adamant about following his gut instinct about Apokolips supplying Intergang. Kent tried to warn Olsen then pointed out Lane had returned from the dock fire. Olsen didn't want to bother her in the middle of her assignment but relented he would talk to her after lunch. He left to deliver Bibbowski his photo with Superman. He took the subway to Suicide Slum and talked to Bibbowski at Ace O'Clubs.

Bibbowski noticed the photo of an Ace O'Club's matchbook. Olsen decided to ask him if he heard anything. Bibbowski remembered some goons talking about a caper and pointed two out. Olsen followed them to a run-down building. He hid behind a dumpster then after the goons entered, he jumped to a fire escape. The ladder extended and creaked. He eavesdropped on a higher-up talking about eating lunch at Gino's then bailing out Bruno Mannheim. He couldn't believe the higher up called Ace O'Clubs a dive. After they left the room, Olsen entered the office from the window. Olsen opened a drawer and saw a gun similar to the weapons Intergang used at City Hall. He took a photo then noticed his page-one photo of a Parademon then saw a Mother Box. Two goons barged in, armed with hi-tech rifles. They decided to just kill Olsen. Olsen tried to bluff them and pretended to be a drug addict looking for a score. It didn't work and they searched him. They found a Superman screen shot on his phone and a Daily Planet press pass in his wallet.

One of the goons got a call and learned the judge denied bail for Bruno Mannheim. The goons decided to use Olsen as a hostage and blackmail Superman into breaking Mannheim out for them. They took Olsen downstairs and showed off their Apokoliptian cannon. They boasted it was powerful enough to take out Superman. Olsen kept stalling for time and asked if they were working for Darkseid. One of the goons was amused and stepped in too close. Olsen kicked him in the crotch then hit the other with his feet, chair, and all his momentum. He credited Lane for bullying him into taking self-defense classes. Olsen's phone went skidding but he ran for the door. The goon's boss returned in a panic about a monster beating up the Justice League. Now untied, Olsen lunged for his phone. A school bus suddenly crashed through the building and killed the Intergang. Olsen realized he was the only survivor but was face to face with Doomsday. He reached for the trigger and fired the cannon into Doomsday. It had no affect. Olsen believed he was really going to die.

Olsen starting snapping photos with his camera phone. He told himself someone might find his phone and include the shots with his obituary. Batman caught up and threw exploding Batarangs at Doomsday's back. Olsen kept taking photos. Doomsday threw the wrecked school bus at Batman and he leaped over it. Olsen didn't think Batman had a chance then noticed his phone's battery power was low. He watched as Wonder Woman arrived and threw Doomsday into the air with her Lasso of Truth. The fight continued into the city proper. Olsen tried to follow on foot and called up White. White looked over his photos and noticed they were out of focus and blurry. Olsen tried to explain there was a monster in Suicide Slum. A WGBS News news flash came on the Planet's TV. White reassigned Olsen to cover the monster battle and sent him the Planet's helicopter. Olsen called up Lane and explained what was going on. Superman flew past him as he landed near Ace O'Clubs to pick her up. Olsen noticed Lane was just standing there watching Superman fly away.