Mucous Membrane

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 3 and Episode 4)
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude
Voiced By: Various

John Constantine and Chas Chandler further bonded over their shared love of music. They got obsessed with it and formed a band. They spent years performing at low class venues for a percentage of the door but they always thought they were a day away from fame and fortune. Eventually, they ended up at the Casanova Club in Newcastle. Constantine found out Alex Logue, the club owner, was using his own daughter as a focal point for spells to draw dark magic to him. Constantine decided to stop him and Chandler followed along. Constantine came up with a plan to summon something more powerful, the demon Nergal. While Nergal tore Logue and his followers to pieces, Constantine and Chandler grabbed Astra Logue and ran back to upstairs. Constantine did not cast a binding spell on Nergal and he slaughtered nearly everyone. Nergal immobilized Constantine and Chandler, opened a portal to Hell, took Astra Logue out of Chandler's hands, and left. Constantine ended up in rehab at Ravenscar Secure Facility. Chandler soldiered on and pretended everything was alright.