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Real Identity: Merlin
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: JB Blanc

Merlin is a powerful wizard who was born with the power to conjure magic. He served King Arthur and defended Camelot. When a madman named Destiny threatened humanity, Merlin accompanied several Knights of Camelot to a village under attack. He informed them Destiny was once a man of science then went insane and forged the Dreamstone with black magic and his soul to feed off torment. The knights were no match for Destiny and began to fall under the Dreamstone's power. Merlin, from afar, incanted. A white glyph appeared underneath him and a large orange glyph appeared in front of him. Just was Jason Blood was fatally stabbed, Merlin brought the Demon Etrigan forth. Merlin promised he would release his bond to Etrigan if the Demon were to stop Destiny. Etrigan jumped into battle then eventually chipped the Dreamstone. Merlin blasted Destiny with white magic and he started to fade away. Destiny vowed it wasn't over then completely faded away.

Merlin inspected the dying Blood. Etrigan implored Merlin to release him but Merlin denied him. Etrigan leaped at him but was paralyzed in mid-air. Merlin apologized to both Etrigan and Blood then explained their future portended a shared destiny. He cast a rhyme and imprisoned Etrigan in Blood. Blood's wound healed and he was given eternal life. 500 years later, Destiny rematerialized on the earthly plane. Amid a battle in Washington D.C., he broke Merlin's spell and split Blood and Etrigan. Constantine came up with a plan to use himself as a Trojan Horse and have Deadman possess Destiny. Destiny fell for his taunts and lost his force bubble. Blood impaled Destiny from behind through his chest with Etrigan's blade, forcing the Dreamstone out of him. Blood remarked that Merlin sends his regards. The Dreamstone was detonated and Constantine finished off Destiny. With Merlin's spell ended, Blood died.