Madame Xanadu

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Real Identity:
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Chapter One
Powers/Skills: Divination
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Madame Xanadu joined Jason Blood's session with Amanda Waller in New Orleans. She drew her deck of Xanadu cards and revealed she sent her Suicide Squad to find the Get Out of Hell Free Card. Each card showed each member of the squad. She then declared half of the squad was dead as well as two who wanted it as much or more: Vandal Savage and Zoom. She was distracted by the sacred smoke kicking in then revealed Deadshot and Bronze Tiger were the last to touch the Hell Card. Waller realized Bronze Tiger was the one who redeemed it. Xanadu began to undress and revealed Waller had a terminal condition. Waller asked her to put some clothes on but she insisted she was building a spell. Waller inquired about a figure she kept seeing. Xanadu touched her face and screamed. She declared Waller was marked by the Sceptre, an avenging spirit. Blood was intrigued it was taking so long to take Waller. Xanadu implied Waller was tipping scales of justice, though by dark methods, then began to undress Blood. They embraced. Xanadu declared the weaving spell had begun and invited Waller to join them. She declined.