Sam Lane

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Real Identity: General Sam Lane
Affiliations: U.S. Army
Appearances (Movies): Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter One
Powers/Skills: Military Training
Voiced By: Jay K. Johnson

Sam Lane is a four star general with the U.S. Army. He led the troops who set up a perimeter in Metropolis to oppose the Atlantean army led by King Orm. Lane used a megaphone and ordered them to stand down. Orm responded by ordering his men to kill the humans for Atlantis.

Sam Lane decided to save the life of a dying solider named Corben because of his perfect record. Lane contacted Lexcorp and Lex Luthor agreed to help. Corben was rebuilt as a cyborg soldier powered by Kryptonite. Then it became something else, he would be the first of a new kind of hero. Lane thought it was a good idea at the time, giving those injured in combat a second chance and to make someone who could stop Superman if he went on a rampage. The power was too much for Corben and he went crazy. Lane put a stop to "Metallo" and he was imprisoned. Superman rescued Terri Henshaw in space and took her back to NASA in Florida. He planned to check the meteor that wrecked the satellite she was stationed on but he overhead a particular scream. At Fort Carlin, an army base on the Texas border, Metallo became agitated during a relocation upon hearing Lane's name. Metallo broke free of his restraint and punched the Jeep Lane was seated in. Metallo vowed to kill him and ordered him to surrender or he would kill everyone on base. Lane ordered everyone to stay back.

Lane thought Metallo could still be salvaged since he was acting like a model soldier during his sentence. Lane tried to reason with Metallo but he was about to be punched. Superman blasted his arm with heat vision. After taking a Kryptonite blast, Superman grabbed Lane then quickly flew him out of state to Louisiana but he collapsed. Superman was recharged by the Sun back to nearly full power. He used heat vision to melt the ground around Metallo. He sank down then Superman used freeze breath to harden the slag around him. Lane asked if that would keep him trapped. Superman admitted it was just to buy some time for him to create a more secure prison. Superman found it ironic he saved Lane from the monster he created. Lane wondered if being frozen would give Metallo the time to learn control or if he could be saved. Superman replied there was always hope. Lane admitted he never meant it to go so wrong and thanked Superman for saving him and the fort.