Francine Langstrom

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Real Identity: Francine Langstrom
Appearances: Son of Batman
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Diane Michelle

Francine Langstrom is the wife of Dr. Kirk Langstrom and mother of Rebecca Langstrom. Langstrom kept his work for the League of Assassins secret but Francine and Rebecca were taken hostage by Deathstroke as collateral so Dr. Langstrom would be compelled to finish his Man-Bat Serum. Imprisoned in Interlaken, Francine assured Rebecca to have faith in her father. Anticipating Batman and Robin's arrival, Deathstroke left the compound but Francine and Rebecca remained. Batman later found them behind a false wall. At first, Francine mistook him for one of Deathstroke's men but was relieved to see he was Batman. Batman called Interpol and had them send a helicopter to extract Francine and Rebecca.