Astra Logue

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Real Identity: Astra Logue
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4)
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By:

Astra Logue is the daughter of Alex Logue, night club owner and aspiring sorcerer. He held "magical convocations" underneath his Casanova Club. He imprisoned her in an ornate structure and used her has a focal point for his spells to serve as a human channel to draw dark magic down into the physical world. He cut some of her hair then dropped it onto a lit candle. Astra Logue was overcome by a demonic presence. John Constantine and Chas Chandler interrupted the convocation and attempted to save her by summoning a bigger evil. Nergal tore Alex Logue and his acolytes to pieces while Constantine and Chandler fled with Astra. Nergal was not kept at bay with a binding spell and followed them upstairs where he slaughtered everyone. Nergal opened a portal, immobilized Constantine and Chandler, took Astra from Chandler's arms, and returned to Hell with her. Constantine ended up in rehab at Ravenscar Secure Facility while Chandler soldiered on and pretended everything alright.

In reality, it left deep mental scars in both for years to come. Chandler eventually turned to drinking and pushed his family awayl Many years later, the demon Beroul messed with Constantine's head and made him see the memory of Astra Logue being thrown into the portal.