Ma and Pa Kent

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Real Identity: Martha and Jonathan Kent
Appearances (Movies): The Death of Superman
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Three Power: The Harder They Fall (Ma Kent only)
Powers/Skills: Farming
Voiced By: Jennifer Hale and Paul Eiding

Ma and Pa Kent are the adoptive parents of Kal-El, whom they named Clark who grew up to become Superman. Ma Kent found Clark's old Blastfyre in the attic and decided to bring along with her and Pa Kent's latest visit to Metropolis. She planned to have it repaired then surprise Clark Kent with it and show it off to Lois Lane. On a rainy day mid-week, Ma Kent went to Toy Hospital mid-afternoon to get the Blastfyre toy repaired. She discovered the owner went out to lunch. Coincidentally, Toymaster's Blastfyre attacked the business. Superman heard her scream and flew back to Metropolis at super-speed. It declared Superman wasn't going to stop it. He was surprised it recognized him but his scans indicated there was no one alive inside controlling it. He picked up Ma and flew away. It declared Mannheim must die and fired disintegration beams at the Toy Hospital. Superman landed at a safe place. Both he and Ma were confused about what was going on. Ma even wondered if the toy somehow conjured a monstrous version of it.

Superman took off and engaged the Blastfyre, leading it to Centennial Park and flipping it on its head. Blastfyre's head cracked open. He discovered Toymaster inside, tangled in the wires and circuits, that made up the robot's brain. Toymaster realized he was a robot built by his father to get revenge on Bruno Mannheim decades later. Ma Kent arrived and couldn't believe a robot built a robot. Superman asked her to look who the manufacturer was. Ma looked at the toy and say it was a "Mannheim-Schott Production". She realized Mannheim made millions off of it while Schott went to prison for his crime. Superman asked why she had the toy in the first place. Ma admitted to her plans. Superman noticed Lobo fly over them. He asked Ma to tell the police everything then took off.