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Real Identity: Jericho
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength, Above Average Durability, and Regeneration
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jericho was a young member of the Church of Blood. He was one of five selected as test subjects for technology related to the Enervator, a machine designed to help Brother Blood ascend to the level of a god. The energy of the other four subjects were drained then transferred to Jericho, standing in a device in the center. Jericho's eyes glowed read and he felt no pain from a crowbar swung into him by an acolyte. Jericho took the crowbar and bent it with his bare hands. Brother Blood congratulated Mother Mayhem and ordered her to advance preparations. She blessed Jericho then shot him in the head, ending his life. The acolyte picked up Jericho's body. Several days later, Terra triggered the destruction of the Church of Blood building during the Teen Titans' battle with Blood and Deathstroke. Amid the cave-in, the fatal bullet wound healed and Jericho came back to life. His eyes flashed yellow.